Youtuber con mas suscriptores 2020

Let’s take un look at ns Latino YouTubers with the most followers today.

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YouTube proceeds to be los favorite videos sharing platform on ns Internet. From its start in 2005 until now, it has actually come a largo way, reproducing everything representar music y movies to tutorials and cooking tips. This is where YouTubers carry out their thing.

In Latin America us have real celebrities ~ above this video platform. Un few latino have managed to come to be important references en their categories, walking well over the 10-million-subscriber mark.

Here we carry you an río arriba group of the top diez YouTubers desde Latin America:


1. Germán Garmendia, cuarenta y uno million subscribers

This thirty-year-old Chilean has actually been producing material for YouTube for almost a decade. He rosa to fame in dos mil once with his channel Hola soy Germán, framed within los comedy genre. His last video posted there was 3 years ago, but that was no the fin for him.

Currently, alemán is active on his other channel referred to as Juega Germán, the has likewise dabbled in music, wrote uno couple of books and voiced un character in los movie Ice period 5.


2. Whindersson Nunes, 40.6 million subscribers

whinderssonnunes debuted as uno YouTuber in 2013. He managed to place his channel for dos years (2016-2018) as the most visited in Brazil. His videos repartir with events in day-to-day life, always with a humorous touch.

Between vlogs, parodies, movie reviews y songwriting, this Brazilian YouTuber create empathy con his audience with a sencillo perspective both in costume and set design y in editing and enhancing style. At just veinticinco years that age, he is well-known as an prominent personality among los youth that his country.


3. Luis Fernando flor Alvarado, 37.7 million subscribers

With his Fernanfloo channel, directly from el Salvador, nombre de niño Fernando is the rey of Latin YouTubers as soon as it concerns gaming. He is 27-years-old and created his YouTube account in 2011. His content revolves about commented gameplays, questions y vlogs, amplified by funny and dramatic performances y expressions, true come his personality.

Luis Fernando has also published ns graphic novel. Another interesting detail is that at los beginning of dos mil diecinueve he do his appearance as “the zombie” in los official trailer of the game Resident angry 2, desde Capcom.


4. Luis Arturo Villar Sudek, 33.5 million subscribers

Luis Villar’s first steps on YouTube took place in 2007 on ns channel that had actually to do con piano performances y tutorials. Yet it to be in 2012 with Luisito Comumoncleroutlet.esa the this mexico YouTuber definitely took off.

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Luisito shares his take trip adventures, comida tasting, museo visits, and even some anthropological trivia. On ns other hand, the is also a businessman, wrote un book y lent his voice for ns character, desde the movie of los same name.


5. Mariand Castrejón Castañeda, 24.6 million subscribers

Better known as Yuya, she is ns queen of beauty y style content. With her makeup tutorials, outfits y hairstyles, Mariand has actually been given uno spot on ns Las las vegas Walk of Stars. Special, she to be awarded for “tirelessly promoting campaigns that benefit ns Spanish-speaking community, for she success y for promoting and supporting messages of peace con her work.”

This 27-year-old Mexican launched her channel in 2009, has published two books, has actually her own makeup line and she’s likewise an Ambassador for readjust of los United nations (UN), in that is Sustainable advance program.


6. Ángel David Revilla, 20.1 million subscribers

Ángel is Venezuelan y lives in Argentina. The produces horror videos on his DrossRotzank channel the he explains as “the biggest horror and mystery comunidad on YouTube, in any type of language.”

His dark posts are attach by his characteristic voice, leaving open questions in ~ the fin of each vídeo that give rise come opinions. Occasionally he deserve to be checked out in his common black coat, hat and sunglasses. Apart from his performance as ns YouTuber, the is also the author of four books.


7. Eleonora Pons Maronese, 16.8 million subscribers

The actress, singer, model and presenter born in Venezuela and nationalized in los United States, is famed on social mitad with los pseudonym Lele Pons. She posted her first videolapes on YouTube in 2016 and due to the fact that then she continues posting contents with un comedic angle.

Her relatively short videos y the adaptability of combining write-ups in both English and Spanish make her proposal susceptible to going viral. Something the identifies Lele is her específico way of making fun of herself. She is at this time 24-years-old y lives in ese Angeles, California.


8. Shidory Drawblogs, 13.6 million subscribers

Shidory Drawblogs is a Peruvian YouTuber who has not revealed his real name. This chico has been uploading videos since dos mil catorce and that is los only one in his nación to have received ns YouTube Diamond Button.

At first, he released drawings and data about Japan, yet later he broadened his template by incorporating jokes and curiosities desde countries around ns world.


9. Tomás Arbillaga, 12.6 million subscribers

Tomás is uno 21-year-old Argentine that created the RobleisIUTU channel. He began his activity on YouTube in 2013. With ns characteristic humor, he makes videos of gameplays y jokes with his brothers. The has ns book come his credit. Right now he stays in Andorra, Spain.

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10. Ami rodríguez Pascagaza, 11.8 million subscribers

From columbia Ami Rodriguez provides parodies, challenges y sketches; he claims that the is a experto “shower singer” y one of his catch phrases is: “all niños grow up except two, Peter Pan and me”. He is 24-years-old and started his channel in 2009. His pendant love him!

The perform of successful Latino YouTubers is really lot longer. Who else would you add to this list? Tell united state on our social media.