Does los screenshot above look familiar? If you’re on windows 10, and you an alert that the home windows Modules Installer Worker process is using ns large portion of her CPU, you absolutely aren’t ns only one. We’ve seen countless Windows Users space reporting this issue. But the good nuevo is, you can fix it. We’ve put together dos solutions you have the right to try.

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What is home windows Modules Installer Worker?

Windows Modules Installer Worker(TiWorker.exe)is uno Windows Update service that watch for nuevo updates y installs the to her computer. In various other words, as soon as your computer’s device ischecking because that Windows update or installing any kind of update, this procedure will be correr automatically.

How do me gustaría fix windows Modules Installer Worker High CPU?

Here are 2 solutions you cantry to settle this problem. You might not have to shot both the them; if Method 1 doesn’t work, then you can shot Method 2 to resolve los issue. In addition, girlfriend can shot our Bonus guideline to solve your computadora woes.

Note:Both Method 1 & Method 2 will stop Windows Automatic upgrade on your computer

Method 1: Stop y disable ns Windows update service

Only when los Windows Update servicio is running, have the right to Windows check or installs updates. For this reason if us stop and disable the Windows upgrade service, home windows can’t check or install any kind of update. As un result, the Windows Module Installer Worker process won’t use uno large percent of your CPU then.

Here’s just how you deserve to do stop and disable los Windows upgrade service:

1)On her keyboard, press theWindows logo keyandRat ns same time to invoke the operación box.

2) type services.mscand clickOK.


no no

3) You should then see the Services home window again.Double-clickWindows Update.


4)Set that is startup type to be Disabledand clickStop.Then click Apply>OK.


5) ns CPU intake on your computer should regresar to normal. If that doesn’t girlfriend can shot Method 2 below.

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Method 2: change your net setting

The other way to avoid Windows Automatic update on your computadora is to adjust your web to metered connection. Check out how:

Case 1: You’re using ns Wi-Fi Network case 2: You’re using an Ethernet Network

Case 1: You’re using ns Wi-Fi Network

1) Goto Start > Settings > Network & Internet > Wi-FI. ThenclickAdvanced Options. No no 2) mite on set as metered connection.

You’re done. Inspect if los problem still exists.


Case 2: You’re utilizing an EthernetNetwork

1)On your keyboard, push theWindows logo keyandRat the same hora to invoke the operación box.

2) type regedit and click OK.


3) click Yes as soon as prompted through UAC ( User Account direccion ). no 4) On the open window, goto no HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE >SOFTWARE>Microsoft>Windows NT>CurrentVersion>NetworkList>DefaultMediaCostThen Right-click DefaultMediaCost and select Permissions. no no no 5) click Add... Then escribe your user name into Enter ns object nombre to select y click Check Names.Click OK. no no

no 6) Clickthe user you just add, then tick on allow forFull Control.ClickOK. no 7) Double-click top top Ethernet.Then set its Value data to be 2.ClickOKand near Regedit Editor window. No no no 8) reiniciar your computer.

now Windows Modules Installer Worker might not reason High CPU ~ above your home windows 10.

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Want us to fix ns problem for you?


If nobody of ns fixes over worked, or you just don’t have ns time or confidence come troubleshoot the problem for yourself, acquire us to fix it because that you. All you need to do is buy ns 1-year subscription come Driver Easy (just $29.95) y you get totally free technical assistance as component of your purchase. Climate you can call our computer technicians directly, explain your problem, y they’ll inspection to watch if they have the right to resolve it remotely.