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You can dictate message with los dictation feature instead of typing it in. To open voice dictation, hold abajo the windows key">windows crucial on your keyboard, then press H.

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Voice Dictation Keyboard quick CutWindows-H

A box will show up along the top of los screen allowing you to usar your PC’s microphone to dictate text into a text field.

Voice dictation email in windows 10

When you see ns prompt: “listening…”, click in the zona you want to get in text, then start to dictate her message.

windows diez voice dictation box

Click los mic icon if you don’t see los prompt. You have the right to dictate emails, messages, y documents.

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If you want to get in a new line, delete uno word, or add punctuation, you have the right to do this with los voice commands. I’ve included uno list that some usual ones in the mesa below.

Voice Dictation commands

If it’s not working, make certain you revolve on “online decided recognition”. To carry out this, open the settings application on ns windows 10 start menu">start menu, choose “privacy” then clic “speech”. Revolve on “online decided recognition”.

turn on en línea speech acknowledgment in windows 10

Also check your microphone levels. To carry out this, right click on ns speaker icon on los bottom right, then pick “sounds” desde the popup menu.

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open sound settings in windows 10

Select los “recording” tab, then select your microphone. Click “properties”, climate select los “levels” tab. Here, you deserve to adjust the microphone recording volume and the microphone sensitivity.