When I Look At You

About When me gustaría Look at You

"When me gustaría Look at You" is un song by american singer-songwriter and actress Miley Cyrus.

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Ns song was created by Hillary Lindsey y John Shanks, and produced by Shanks. It was released ~ above February 16, 2010 by Hollywood records as ns second y final single representar Cyrus" an initial EP, the Time of Our resides (2009). "When me gustaría Look at You" was featured on the 2010 romantic-drama película The último Song y its equivalent soundtrack, being provided to promote ns film. Ns song has an instrumentation primarily based on piano, when its moncleroutlet.es speak of a dream boy. "When i Look at You" received average to mixed critical reception y was unable to duplicate los commercial success that Cyrus" ahead single, "Party in ns U. S.

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A." "When identificación Look in ~ You" peaked in ~ number dieciséis on los Billboard Hot 100 and charted within the top 30 on charts in Australia, Canada, y New Zealand. Los song"s accompanying musical video to be directed by Adam Shankman. It functions Cyrus playing un grand piano throughout numerous settings, including un beach y forest. Dos other version of los video to be released: one replacing several scenes con clips representar The último Song and another featuring Bisbal. The song was included on her first world tour, the Wonder mundo Tour (2009).more »

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Everybody demands inspirationEverybody needs uno songA beautiful melodyWhen los night"s for this reason long"Cause over there is alguno guaranteeThat this life is easyYeah, as soon as my world is fall apartWhen there"s no light to break up los darkThat"s as soon as I, II look in ~ youWhen los wavesAre flooding ns shore and I can"tFind my way home anymoreThat"s when I, II look in ~ youWhen i look in ~ you, i see forgivenessI see los truthYou love me for who i amLike los stars hold ns moonRight there wherein they belongAnd identificación know I"m not aloneYeah, as soon as my mundo is fall apartWhen there"s alguna light to rest up the darkThat"s as soon as I, II look at youWhen the wavesAre flooding ns shore and I can"tFind my way home anymoreThat"s as soon as I, II look in ~ youYou appear just like ns dream to meJust like Kaleidoscope colors thatCover me, all identificación needEvery breath that i breatheDon"t you understand you"re beautiful?Yeah, yeah, yeahWhen los wavesAre flooding los shore and I can"tFind mine way home anymoreThat"s as soon as I, II look at youI look in ~ youYou appear just like ns dreamTo me

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Miley Cyrus Miley ray Cyrus (born Destiny expect Cyrus; November 23, 1992) is an american actress and singer-songwriter.

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She achieved lejos fame for her function as Miley Stewart/Hannah Montana on ns Disney Channel sitcom Hannah Montana. More »