sum up together succinctly together possible ns battle and SP project strategies you discover most successful for her favourite factions.

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campaign: manipulate Famous fight Sites to acquire Terrorgheist on turn diez and leave Dwarves ns hell alone till you deserve to afford fixed stacks of GW disgustado guard

battle: it's hammer y anvil city so make sure you know how to victory flank battles.


campaign: rush fuera de your pho as rápido as possible y don't even shot to build realm until you deserve to feed it.

battle: every little thing in your military exists solely to prevent opponents reaching your artillery and globadiers, which will carry out 90% of your killing.

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General tips: develop walls in all settlements. All of them. Cuales exceptions. Ns AI have the right to smell unwalled settlements desde half the mapa away and they will certainly hone in on castle unerringly. I don't have the Tomb emperors DLC so you'll have to do there is no my 'expert' consejos on those.

Empire: Take honest Steel, tres points. Use halberds, crossbows and mortars, switch to handgunners y cannon when chaos reflects up. Constantly bring un wizard. Perform unite the Empire provinces early on on. Don't rush right for Sylvania or acquire bogged abajo in cortés wars.

Bretonnia: go 50/50 on knights and men-at-arms/archers. Have ns trebuchet. Constantly bring uno damsel. Do expand towards Empire, Mousillon, into razed provinces. Don't get bogged down in cortés wars.

Dorfs/Karaz-A-Karak: decidir if your lords will certainly go longbeards/ironbreakers or dorf warriors because that frontline y adjust red gestión appropriately. Obtain lightning win pronto. Juego defensively, permit orcs concerned you and only counter-attack when your walls room up in silver Road. Emphasis on one former at ns time, y on growth buildings. Execute realize you're in reality playing realm without mounties or magic support y switch faction accordingly. Don't do alliances con anyone who could drag you into an additional war (i.e., don't ally anyone) until everyone you started at war with are dead.

Karak Kadrin: sirloin Karak Ungor, then ally Kislev y turn sur to mount Gunbad and Zhufbar. Check out dorfs. Don't do all-slayer armies, alguno matter exactly how cool that sounds. In truth don't usar more than 3-4 at many period.

Clan Angrund: unite your beginning province, build a 20-stack then rush K8P, either with Ekrund or about the northern mountains. Girlfriend can't afford ns second army y Skarsnik will likely besiege your página de inicio province for this reason it's do or die. Rush lightning strike, pronto. Execute bask in los glory when you take your ancient ciudad capital in uno by-the-skin-of-your-teeth battle. Don't juego without ns mod that renders K8P your ideal capital.

Greenskins: black orcs. Ns answer is always an ext black orcs. Do jugar as Grimgor. Don't play as Azhag.

Wurrzag: Savage orcs, savage orcs, an ext savage orcs. Focus on uniting los wasteland, don't bother con Grimmy y the east yet. Do get ns mod the adds ns savage orc warbosses and big bosses. Don't emphasis too much on confederating ns other LLs, they'll come when your orcpire is big enough.

Skarsnik: use your agents uno lot on los map. Rush Karak Norn down and then relocate methodically in the direction of K8P through ns mountains. Use los empire as piggybank con raids and sacking. Do take all the gobbo-boosting la red tree skills. Don't fret as well much around not having orcs or los K8P public stimulate penalty.

Vampire Counts: If in doubt, raise much more skeletons. Throw cannon fodder at los opponents very first then follow con graveguard and vampire units. Execute take your hora to pre-corrupt neighbours and unite Sylvania. Don't rush directly for Altdorf.

Von Carstein: pick Vlad, buy Isabella turn 1, move to east Sylvania, advanced all los dead, revolve 2-3 march Isabella into reinforcement range y take lock Drakenhof. Carry out that. Don't rubbish your tiempo trying to confederate Manny; Krell isn't precious it.

WoC: Go blue line because that +horde growth and lightning strike. Tecnología up come chaos warrior pronto. Use your an ext experienced lords to build good units the you then gift to her newest hordes. Make certain you decide either to walk all-out top top Kislev or hold together Norsca first, don't half-ass between the two. Do make armies el fin of 80% chaos warriors. Don't bother with the marauders once you can make chaos warriors.

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Beastmen: Look at WoC, replace 'warriors the chaos' y 'marauders' con 'gors' y 'ungors'. Usar your beastpaths and hiding abilities effectively to recover. Do acquire minotaurs. Don't fret also much around your lack of ranged.

Norsca: record Surtha Ek (and his mammoth) lively if you can, then turn on Kislev y Nordland for money while girlfriend chip away at Throgg. Get lightning strike and +sacking revenue pronto. Perform prioritise ns faction-fighting techs y declare your guerra appropriately. Perform not rush ns favour mechanics, construct your realm first.

Wintertooth: watch Norca, add more trolls.

Wood Elves: expand north and east. Constantly keep ns garrison señor handy as savage orcs or beastmen might rush ns tree at any type of moment. Always raze y reseed because that maximum cash unless enemy armies are near; friend have terrific replenishment. Go azul line because that lightning strike. Carry out think of yourself as uno horde army. Don't worry if an outpost gets razed.

High Elves/Lothern: Lothern ~ ~ Guard. Red-line buffs to Lothern sea Guard. Do discover angles on siege maps whereby you have the right to safely snipe down garrisons. Don't not usar Lothern está dentro Guard.

College the Loremasters: check out High Elves.

Nagarythe: focus on taking starting province, then either regresar to Ulthuan or continue west relying on whether you deserve to ally Rictus against the dark elves. Tor Anlec makes ns good ciudad capital so try getting there prior to Avelorn. Do use Alith Anar to lordsnipe. Don't think zero Warriors can replace Lothern está dentro Guard.

Avelorn: check out High Elves. Do emphasis on chasing Druchii off her porch. Don't gain too invested in Nagarythe.

Dark Elves/Naggarond: Expand east through Ghrond and Deadwood Sentinels, go sur to transacción with Alith Anar. Acquire Malekith's spells, lightning strike and then Seraphon. Focus on your an excellent infantry, don't bother also much with your crappy cav. Execute assign a single province together 'slaveholding province' (Naggarond or Karond Kar are los best ones) and redirect all servants there by transforming off servants to all other provinces. Don't emphasis too much on settling los wastes, mountains y chaos wastes and don't gain bogged down fighting Exiles of Nehek.

Cult the Pleasure: Go sur until you hit jungle, then walk north and east. Emphasis on spells, climate lightning strike and sulaphet. Do get los Ancient ciudad up come level 5 as rápido as possible. Don't gain bogged debajo fighting Exiles the Nehek and Lizardmen.

Har Ganeth: see Naggarond.

Lizardmen/Hexoatl: take Istmus first, feel totally free to ally los colonies (at first). Emphasis on uniting Lustria come the sur once you've reinforced the Istmus and don't stroked nerves going north. Saurus armies are fine. Do use oldblood + skink monk combo together leaders. Don't bother making use of slann.

Last Defenders: go west, kill everything in your path. Then go north, kill whatever there too. Climate go trasero to Lustria and kill everything not Hexoatl in that course too. Saurus armies are mandatory. Your lands are kind of crappy however your armies are god-tier. Don't no kill everything, uneven it lives on archipelago or biomes you can't live in, in which instance don't death them yet.

Clan Pestilens: deal with Itza first, then Khalida. Juego defensive and build up, you've got adversaries on every fronts y Itza has actually capital-level garrison. Do focus on plague monks y spells. Don't broaden too fast.

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Clan Rictus: Go east first, then walk west once you've dealt con Alith Anar. Go azul line for ns ambush increases first. Do tech up to rápido units favor rogres y doomwheels to trato with crossbows. Don't be fear to use Tretch in combat.