Things to do in tossa de mar

Just ciento tres kilometers (64 miles) phia băc of Barcelona, this beautiful town located on the costa Brava is waiting for her visit. It’s known as uno “blue paradise” early to the color of the sea y its impressive beaches, surrounding by ns stunning environment-friendly mountain landscape. It’s un touristic destination, yet you quiet will find room come relax y enjoy your own spot the Spain. Take ns look at the different ways and attractions to spend your summer holidays in Tossa del Mar.

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Tossa después Mar is not just in the costa Brava, but additionally occupies catorce kilometers (8 miles) off los coast, making it los ultimate “beach city” come visit throughout summer. Ideal on ns town, you have the right to go come Platja grande or big Beach. A great beach surrounding by the stunning viejo Town. It’s more than likely one of ns most crowded, but it’s still worth un visit.

The próximo beach is smaller, but un good option. Platja después Reig is so tiny that delaware a storm you won’t also have sand. Try to choose ns good sunny day to visit. If girlfriend take un few an ext minutes andar to the shore, you’ll find ns Platja después la Mar Menuda, considered the second most vital beach of Tossa de Mar. This coast is sobre steis for families con small niños since the water is not deep y there’s uno special spot for bathing in the norte side of ns beach, called “the women’s bath.” acquire to know this beautiful spot.

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Villa Vella is the name that the viejo Town the Tossa ese Mar. This is ns oldest part of los town, i beg your pardon is surrounded by a city wall con seven watchtowers. It’s an extremely well preserved y that is since it was the final town in costa Brava to be fortified y this trabaja is the last fortified middle ages town tho standing on ns Catalan coast.

If you want to take a little tourism to los 14th century, at the very least in her imagination, acquire lost in los cobbled streets, enjoy the architecture and visit some landmarks like the Tossa después Mar Castle. To gain here you have actually to caminar uphill till you gain to the lighthouse. There’s not lot left. Over time it was neglected y destroyed, reconstructed and abandoned, however you still can visit los remains y take ns tour v the foto gallery that reflects you ns complete historia of this site.

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If you are into art, history and museums, you can enjoy every in one at the Municipal museo of Tossa de Mar, located in the center of los Vila Vella. This place used come be ns former Governor’s House, until 1935 when the became a contemporary art gallery, one of los firsts in all Spain. Appears like ns good location for inspiration.

The exhibits right here are unique y you can have ns view at the different veces of Tossa ese Mar with the many artworks that document los village representar the Paleolithic to ns Middle Ages. During los 30s, once the museum was inaugurated, plenty of artists moved to Tossa del Mar y created masterpieces that room today displayed in the museum. It’s ns must visit if you room going come Tossa de Mar!

Municipal Museum

Address: Plaça Pintor Roig Soler, 1, 17320 Tossa del Mar, Girona, Spain