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Welcome come our Teamfight techniques Tier perform for spot 11.17

Hey everyone, welcome espalda to our weekly champ strength analysis.

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Similar to our LoL tier list, ours TFT tier perform is preserve in collaboration with top-level players, such as Ace that Spades y Salvvy. This perform is optimized to aid you climb.

Set 5.5 has actually been fuera de for ns while now, y the job recently have been gaining smaller y smaller.

The game has to be in ns pretty healthy state for some time now, for this reason don’t suppose too countless tier transforms in los coming couple of patches.

TFT Tier list for patch 11.17


Early game Tier List

Optimal (S-tier): Kennen, Kha’Zix, Nautilus, Senna, TristanaGreat (A-tier): Aatrox, Gragas, Hecarim, Irelia, Kalista, Kled, Leona, Olaf, Poppy, Pyke, Sejuani, Sett, Thresh, Varus, Vayne, ZiggsGood (B-tier): Brand, Soraka, Udyr, Vladimir

Mid game Tier List

Optimal (S-tier): Kennen, Nautilus, Nidalee, Nocturne, Tristana, YasuoGreat (A-tier): Gragas, Hecarim, Irelia, Kled, lee Sin, Leona, Lulu, Lux, miss Fortune, Nunu, Olaf, Pyke, Rakan, Riven, Sejuani, Thresh, Varus, Vayne, Ziggs, ZyraGood (B-tier): Aatrox, Aatrox, Ashe, Brand, Kalista, Kha’Zix, Poppy, Senna, Sett, Soraka Udyr, Vladimir

Late game Tier List

Optimal (S-tier): Akshan, Aphelios, Diana, Draven, Fiddlesticks, Galio, Garen, Gwen, Heimerdinger, Ivern, Jax, Lucian, Nocturne, Rell, Teemo, Vel’Koz, Viego, Volibear, YasuoGreat (A-tier): Karma, Kayle, leer Sin, Lulu, Lux, miss out on Fortune, Nidalee, Nunu, Rakan, Riven, ZyraGood (B-tier): Ashe

Recent TFT Champion rank Changes

1-Cost UnitsAatrox B to A

Aatrox is y has been uno decent unit, yet this tier change is much more about los comps the transitions into are much better.

Also, over there is now ns reroll Aatrox comp that is decently viable.

Vayne B come A

Reroll Vayne is an additional decently viable comp, y she likewise received un small damage buff that will certainly make her less complicated to use in early juego boards as well.

Poppy ns to B

Hellions haven’t been as strong since los hotfix final patch, but they space still kind in the early game.

Poppy isn’t a bad unit, but the transitions because that her space harder than for other units.

2-Cost UnitsNautilus un to S

Even despite Nautilus no going to carry most games, he is extremely flexible.

He’s uno strong frontliner the is regularly used come pair con Rell, do him a strong pickup in almost any game.

Hecarim S to A

Reroll Hecarim isn’t ns common event anymore.

Default leveling is more popular now with Forgotten comps.

He’s un great frontliner, however not S tier.

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Sejuani S to A

This change is a bit overdue. Sejuani is ns strong frontliner, but with ns nerfs to reroll Cavaliers y the nerfs come Nightbringer comps, Sejuani is only ns good frontliner now.

3-Cost UnitsMiss luck S to A

Forgotten comps will occasionally itemize miss out on Fortune alongside Draven, yet it is not a priority. She’s ns strong unit, but not uno main carry.

TFT Tier perform Champion Analysis

1-Cost UnitsAatroxAatrox looks to be uno solid early game unit that provides a frontline body the deals a decent quantity of damage. His capacity gives the healing, which help him in his function as one early game frontliner.GragasGragas is an additional frontliner that boasts too defensa traits: Brawler and Dawnbringer. Use both of this to your advantage when structure an early game board.KalistaKalista is a sencillo backline damages unit that has un strong damage capability that scales with her strike damage. She will administer solid assistance as un Legionnaire unit, or provide ns mid juego transition with her Abomination trait.Kha’ZixKha’Zix is uno Dawnbringer Assassin the excels at dealing damages in ns early game. That will repartir more damages to isolated units with his ability, which have the right to be typical in ns early game.KledKled is un Hellion unit an interpretation he deserve to be used very well early game with los other Hellions. His Cavalier trait also allows him come be a decent frontliner who provides a decent quantity of damage early on.LeonaLeona is un frontline tank through and through. She is ns Redeemed unit, synergizing well with other Redeemed in ns early game. Her various other trait is Knight, i m sorry provides un solid damage block which is much more powerful in los early game.OlafOlaf is un frontline damages unit the synergizes right into Sentintels and Legionnaires. He also pairs really well con Irelia who is a 2-cost unit.PoppyPoppy is un Hellion Knight, making her un strong early game frontline tank. Her Hellion trait pairs well con other Hellions for ns early game, y her knight trait provides her un suitable tank.SennaSenna gives some early game CC con transitions right into Sentinel and Cannoneer comps. She can deal solid damages as well with items ~ above her.UdyrUdyr is un melee frontliner who mixes a bit that survivability con damage. You will certainly most likely look to usar him to shift into Draconic or Skirmisher.VayneVayne is an early juego ranged atrevimiento attacker. That has alguna mana y will transacción her damage through atrevimiento attacks. Pair her up with Forgotten systems to rise her bajo attack damages or rangers to increase her strike speed.VladimirVladimir is ns other Renewer who deserve to pair fine early with Lissandra. He likewise provides a good transition into Nightbringer. While he is ranged, that provides ns role the both damage and tank con his healing ability.ZiggsZiggs is the last 1-cost Hellion that pairs really well con Poppy and Kled to make an early board. The is a magia damage unit so a good part of his damages will come representar his ability.2-Cost UnitsBrandBrand acts as an early game magic damage dealer that transitions into uno possible Abomination comp mid game. He additionally can synergize well con other Spellweavers choose Ziggs to repartir more damage.HecarimHecarim is a Forgotten Cavalier y acts as un early game frontliner because that Forgotten. He can tank rather well beforehand game, yet does loss off toward the mid and late game.IreliaIrelia is uno strong mid juego unit that have the right to negate un lot the damage with her ability. She have the right to hold strike damage items well and can it is in an item holder for later carries.KennenKennen is an additional Hellion that will certainly be strong early game to use with the others. His ability provides uno solid AoE CC impact for a 2-cost unit.NautilusNautilus is a sencillo frontline tank with ns Ironclad and Knight trait. Both room defensive, but you won’t have the ability to get los Ironclad into your team till you can hit part late juego units.PykePyke is un Sentinel Assassin that gives very strong CC to any type of comp that can usar him. Friend can use him merely as ns strong unit, or for traits for your team.SejuaniSejuani is un frontline Cavalier that will assist players transition into Nightbringer comps con her other trait.SettSett is one early juego Brawler the is regularly used to get Draconic 3 in early. This allows you to create eggs that will certainly hatch into an ext Draconic units.SorakaSoraka has ns nice mana reave ability and has ns Renewer y Dawnbringer traits. She’s most regularly used in these varieties of teams, but you can use her together a flexibilizado unit because that utility.SyndraSyndra is un Redeemed Invoker, yet Invoker will require late juego units. Together such, Syndra usually offered as an early item magic damage item holder, or for correr the Redeemed trait.ThreshThresh is ns short ranged tank that has ns nice capacity to hook los furthest adversary on los board. The is often used come pair with other early game Knights or alongside forget units.TristanaTristana is an attack damage unit that gives early game traits like Hellion y Cannoneer. Friend can use this come make a strong early tablón or come build around her together your carry.VarusVarus is an strike damage unit the pairs well with other ranger for increased strike speed. Los Redeemed trait also makes him valuable when feather to construct those species of teams.3-Cost UnitsAsheAshe is un Ranger that gives an AoE CC effect con her ability. She can likewise be used to hold attack damage items as her attack speed with Ranger deserve to get very high.Lee SinLee no tener is ns melee unit the is used for Skirmisher or or Nightbringer team comps. He can trato a small bit of damage con his ability, but he’s greatly used because that his traits.LuluLulu is ns Mystic unit the provides magic Resist to your team when paired with other Mystics. Her Hellion trait likewise makes her un unit to pair alongside ns other pequeño cost Hellions.LuxLux is another Mystic that can be used in plenty of team comps, however she will mainly be watched along with other Redeemed units.Miss FortuneMiss luck has ns decent magic damage capability for comps choose Forgotten and Cannoneers. She is los main Cannoneer the you will certainly look come put magic damage items on if building roughly them.NidaleeNidalee is a Dawnbringer Skirmisher the has los unique capability of leaping towards an adversary unit. She has actually short range at first, however will it is in melee delaware she transforms.NocturneNocturne is an attack damage Assassin who has constructed in healing with his ability. He have the right to be quite strong when invested into, but it can be hard to tres star him consistently.NunuNunu is uno frontline Brawler the is offered along con his Abomination trait. The is usually ns hardest unit to find early in order come hit Abomination 3 alongside Kalista y Brand.RakanRakan is a defensivo oriented unit that gives healing for ns teammates around him. He will certainly act as ns layer of protection for your backline or as one more frontline unit.RivenRiven is a Dawnbringer Legionnaire, therefore she’s greatly used in los mid juego to shift into these varieties of comps.YasuoYasuo is un Nightbringer Legionnaire, so he have the right to be supplied as ns supporting unit in those team comps. He does a solid little bit of damage con his ability, so he might be ns strong lug depending on ns meta.ZyraZyra is uno ranged magic damage unit the provides uno solid AoE CC with her ability. She deserve to pair con Spellweavers for an ext damage or con Draconics for more units.4-Cost UnitsApheliosAphelios is uno ranged attack damage lug that has survivability with his Nightbringer trait. His forest rangers trait likewise provides him with uno solid lot of attack speed, make him ns solid bring choice.DianaDiana is an Assassin that deals a decent lot of magic damage with her ability. Her capacity also offers solid CC by stunning los units roughly her once she casts.DravenDraven is ns high damage carry that gains uno lot of attack damage con things like Forgotten y his ability. His Legionnaire trait likewise provides un good lot of attack speed, make him un highly offensive unit.FiddlesticksFiddlesticks is un Revenant that pairs very well with Volibear, Ivern, and Nocturne. Gift an Abomination likewise makes the very solid in those comps. Lastly, being uno Mystic permits comps that run him to add in some more utility con other Mystic units.GalioGalio is a new frontline unit that also can be uno 5th Draconic. He will certainly tank ns lot of damages as a general frontline unit, or he deserve to be your way of reaching 5 Draconic at an early stage in the game.IvernIvern is ns very flexibilizado unit that gives CC and frontline con his capability that summons Daisy. Revenant additionally pairs well con units favor Nocturne or Volibear, providing him un free Guardian Angel.JaxJax is un melee assault damage carry with ns very right forward idea. He will certainly do many of his damage through auto attacks, yet his Ironclad trait permits players come give los team some extra survivability versus other assault damage comps.KarmaKarma is a magia damage carry that gains extra mana with her Invoker trait. Her Dawnbringer trait additionally gives her a layer of survivability.LucianLucian is a new 4-cost assault damage lug that spends a lot the his hora casting his ability. He’s less coche attack oriented, therefore build strong damage items the dont count on things favor crit or strike speed.RellRell has one of ns best CC abilities in this Set, and her Ironclad trait additionally makes her flexible to add some extra armor to the team. Cavalier is nice together well, making her tankier if you can fit in an additional Cavalier in the team.VelkozVel’Koz is los other 4-cost magia damage carry that shoots uno laser with his ability. The damage is rather strong, but make sure to place him fine so you deserve to hit los enemy units you want.5-Cost UnitsAkshanAkshan is a nuevo 5-cost ranger that have the right to be uno late game carry for any kind of Ranger comps. His ability shreds armor, making him really useful even if he’s no carrying.GarenGaren is los opposite of Darius in that he is used more in Dawnbringer comps y to para reducir the magia resistance of enemies.GwenGwen is uno Mystic unit that have the right to be slotted into numerous team comps. Her Inanimate trait also makes her very strong to usar against enemies that deserve to target your backline carries.HeimerdingerHeimerdinger is the último Draconic unit, allowing players to go for cinco Draconic. This will provide even more value in ns eggs you hatch. His Renewer trait help him gain an ext mana to cast his an effective ability, burning enemies y applying ns healing debuff.KayleKayle is a strong late game carry, but she needs uno lot of time to ramp up her Ascension ability. She combines three strong traits: Legionnaire, Verdant, y Redeemed. This permits her to be ns secondary lug in potentially uno lot that team comps.TeemoTeemo costs Health to purchase, so he can be straightforward to purchase if girlfriend have uno lot of wellness going into the late game. His ability hits un large range of enemies, handle solid magic damage. That is also ns Hellion, meaning he is un late juego carry for any type of team comp looking to correr Hellions.ViegoViego is uno 5-cost Assassin, yet his capability doesn’t make him ns carry per say. His ability functions practically like un Zephyr on the unit that hits, but he additionally will summon the enemy to her team if he deserve to kill with his ability. However, he deserve to be interrupted during his ability channel, so watch fuera for that.VolibearVolibear is a very solid late juego unit y arguably the best front gestión unit in los game. His Revenant trait permits him to basically guarantee ns cast, which will certainly knock up ns large circle of enemies.

TFT Tier list Methodology

Our objetivo is come deliver los most correct tier list we can. When datos becomes available, us will include that come our decision making as well.

To certain accuracy, us work with experts con multiple Queen accounts favor Ace that Spades y Saintvicious come scientifically cheque hypotheses and come to reasonable conclusions. We will update these as typically as feasible until the meta settles.

We justification our decision do in the notes, therefore be certain to check out that and weigh in. We welcome retroalimentación to personaje out what us missed!

Units are valued in ns following ways:S-tier = super powerful y contested champs the everyone wants y forms comps around.A-tier = Champs the fit really well into an effective comps in the meta.B-tier = Champs that space situational yet still fit into great comps.Not on the list = Champs that are hardly ever contested and have better alternatives for their comps or just don’t to the right into a strong comp in ~ all.

In los current estado of the game, items are a big ingredient of campeón strength and champs that work well with them room high value. Ideal now, we’ll be organizing by unit cost.

This allows you to know when ns champion is valuable y when they empezar to autumn off. This also enables you to understand exactly how you need to value your economic situation with the rolls you room getting. If this no work out or is also complex, climate we will certainly iterate in the future.

We evaluate un specific unit at a specific point in the juego assuming it has a reasonable location for that point y it’s in un comp that functions for it.

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If uno unit typically carries and has good items, it is evaluate in that context due to the fact that items are so integral to the game.

Please remember the TFT is extremely situational so all units can be used. Explore and help us vergüenza out ns things us may have actually missed!

Thanks for reading, as always we welcome every discussion y feedback. Let us understand if we missed something or feel favor we didn’t rank ns unit effectively in the comments below. Check out you siguiente patch!