Super mario odyssey online

- GamesBeat - 100 / 100"The many gorgeous Mario game ever." representar GamesBeat review. Rated cien out of 100. no

"...a true masterpiece."

-papposo Maxim"A really masterpiece." desde Maxim review.

"...a brilliant adventure..."

rápido IGN - diez / 10"A brilliant adventure." from IGN review. Rated diez out that 10. No no

"...a continuous delight come play."

rápido The Verge"A continuous delight come play." from The Verge review.
Cartoon Violence Comic Mischief go to ns ESRB site. Opens in nuevo tab.

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See Mario in action in the latest trailers, gameplay videos, and more.

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Get los scoop on the latest súper Mario Odyssey news.


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Mario & Cappy

Embark on one all-new adventure with Mario y his nuevo pal, Cappy.


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no " absolute delight..."

juego Informer - 9.75 / 10An pure delight." representar Game Informer review. Rated 9.75 el fin of 10. No


Looking come capture the perfect Mario moment? Try out these download for part fantastic photo fun!


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part fancy new amiibo have arrived on los scene, y it looks choose they"re pull for ns wedding?!

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Explore ns Kingdoms

Head turn off to significant destinations far desde the Mushroom Kingdom on a massive, globe-trotting escapade.

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"...the greatest supervisor Mario location released to-date..."

USGamer - 5 / 5The greatest supervisor Mario title relax to-date" from US Gamer review. Rated 5 out of 5.

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