Super Mario Odyssey Broodals

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By Tristan Ogilvie
The Dark lado of ns Moon isn't just a classic Pink Floyd album; it's likewise an unlockable region in supervisor Mario Odyssey. Not just are there veinticuatro Power Moons to find throughout this bajo gravity locale, however also un boss battle gauntlet to operación in the form of hare Ridge Tower. There aren't, however, any kind of Purple Coins come collect, no one Crazy Cap keep to shop in, nor any bitching David Gilmour guitar solos come enjoy.

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The Dark side of los Moon won't unlock until after you've completed super Mario Odyssey's main story, y even climate you're going to require at least doscientos cincuenta Power Moons to upgrade los Odyssey so it can fly beyond ns Moon Kingdom. If you're struggling to uncover that numerous Power Moons, you can either above this strength Moon overview or just buy strength Moons representar the Crazy cap Store.

Dark página of the Moon ceo Guide: hare Ridge Tower

When you arrive at ns Dark página of the Moon, make her way desde the Odyssey to rabbit Ridge Tower using the Spark Pylons. Wait for you inside ns tower space all four Broodal bosses the you'll need to fight in succession, culminating in a por último fight against ns RoboBrood.
It's uno tough ask, but fortunately, over there is uno handy trick to gain the upper hand on these buck-toothed baddies. Before hopping ~ above the último Spark Pylon that leads to los tower, stop y throw her hat at los spike on the right displayed in the screenshot below, y hold it there until ns Life-Up heart appears.
Grabbing this Life-Up will mean you have actually six lives to defeat all Broodals, rather than three. Additionally, after you loss each Broodal you can make your way back out of the tower y return to ns spike above, repeat ns process y score yourself another Life-Up love to save Mario topped increase at six lives.When you head trasero to the tower you deserve to move on to the next Broodal without having actually to fight ns ones you've currently defeated, and you deserve to keep repeating this process as many times as you choose until you've beat them all.

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Rabbit Ridge Tower: very first Floor

Your an initial opponent is Topper, who you would have previously met in los Cap Kingdom and Bowser's Kingdom. The battle will certainly play fuera much ns same method as los first time, with the key distinction being ns moon's pequeño gravity —apoyándose so be cautious when you're timing your jumps that you don't accidentally fall onto among Topper's numerous hats.To take el fin Topper, repeatedly throw Cappy at him till he is stunned, then jump up above him and ground lb onto his head. Topper will then split into ns bunch of height hats that swirl around ns arena, therefore you'll should either jump gastos generales them or throw Cappy at them to deflect and destroy them. In his 2nd phase, his peak hats will certainly assemble into a tall tower top top his head. Watch el fin for a pink one that shows up around him -papposo this is un smoncleroutlet.esal that ns multiple hats ~ above his cabeza are around to form ns large obelisk that will certainly slam abajo towards you and spin in ns circle, so get ready come jump far or to the side. Otherwise, keep throwing Cappy in ~ him come knock los hats off his head, before once again soil pounding his head when over there are no hats left. As soon as he splits into uno large number of swirling hats again, relocate to ns edge of ns arena and just deflect any top hats that head your way by cram Cappy in ~ them.For his por último phase, Topper will assemble an also taller tower of height hats top top his head. The pink circle will have ns much larger radius, so as soon as you check out it appear, turn at uno sharp angle y jump fuera de of los area to avoid Topper's slam y spin attack. Once he goes regreso to walking around the arena, store knocking peak hats turn off by throwing Cappy in ~ them however be prepared to get el fin of the way when ns pink circle appears. Watch fuera for the top hats girlfriend knock off together they'll continue to bounce around the arena, y keep attack Topper until every one of his hats space removed y you deserve to ground pound him one último time.

Rabbit Ridge Tower: 2nd Floor

Next up is Harriet, who you already met formerly in ns Sand Kingdom y Bowser's Kingdom. Harriet will lob bag of spiky bombs at you, for this reason as shortly as she throws lock run trasero so you don't acquire hit through them and throw Cappy at los bombs to knock them regreso into Harriet, snooker-style. You might miss a few times, yet you'll recognize you've scored un direct hit as soon as Harriet drops to ns ground and grabs at her head. In ~ this point quickly litter Cappy at she to stun her y then jump over her and ground pound debajo onto she head. Harriet will certainly then tolva inside her helmet and hover around the arena like un flying saucer, dropping bombs. She'll only drop bombs around los edge of the arena, so simply wait in los middle and you'll be fuera de of harm's way.After dropping her third row that bombs, conveniently get out of los way as she returns to ns middle. The rest of los fight plays fuera de in much los same way, simply with los addition the flaming craters in the floor the you'll should steer clean of. When you've jumped top top her numero 3 times in total, los fight will certainly be over and you can move increase to ns third floor.

Rabbit Ridge Tower: 3rd Floor

The next boss is los unfortunately named Spewart, and this will be your 4th encounter con him after meeting him in ns Wooded Kingdom, Luncheon Kingdom y Bowser's Kingdom. This vomitous rogue is arguably ns easiest Broodal you'll confront in los Rabbit Ridge Tower sequence.Just continue to be at los edge of los arena as he spews up his circles of violet poison, then litter Cappy come clear ns path come him and rush in come perform a ground libra on his head. Once he retreats into his hat, return to los edge of ns arena y throw Cappy at him anytime the heads towards you till he re-emerges desde his hat and continues come spit fatal goop. Then simply repeat ns previous strategy to clear ns path so girlfriend can assault him, but be mindful that there'll be increasing quantities of hazardous hurl. When you've jumped top top him three times, you deserve to move up to los fourth floor.

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Rabbit Ridge Tower: 4th Floor

The último of ns Broodal brood is Rango, who you've previously tackled in the lago Kingdom, snow Kingdom and Bowser's Kingdom. This beanpole of ns bunny will throw his sawblade-like hats straight at you, however you can conveniently deflect them by cram Cappy at them. This will certainly flip his hat over to reveal un spinning flower. Correr onto ns flower y it will certainly launch Mario into ns air, y with ns assistance of los moon's pequeño gravity you can steer Mario over the top of lugares (using Mario's zero as a guide), before sociedad anónima ZR or ZL to easily drill debajo onto his head.Quickly correr to los edge of ns arena as clasifica hops right into his hat. When the hat lurches in the direction of you, jump in the aire and ground libra it. Mario will bounce trasero up right into the aire and lugares will remove his hat, as shortly as he does you need to perform another ground pound while his cabeza is exposed. Instantly move away desde him, and repeat ns process to finish him off. Now cabeza to the top of the tower.

Rabbit Ridge Tower: Roof

You'll now be met with ns RoboBroodal from Bowser's Kingdom, only this fight will certainly be contempt different. At the empezar of ns fight, quickly move over to one of the Hammer Bros y capture him con your Cappy. Then save launching hammers in ~ one of los RoboBroodal's legs while dodging any kind of bombs the drops.As quickly as you knock los armor turn off one of los legs, conveniently move out of the way so you don't acquire crushed by los RoboBroodal together it drops to los ground. Use los RoboBroodal's foot as a staircase to jump up on height of that body, and ground lb the dome to take fuera one of ns Broodals. As soon as friend land, capture one more Hammer Bro y quickly assault the RoboBroodal's foot again before it can start its stomp attack.When the armor shatters and it falls, run up and ground lb the exposed Broodal. In ns third phase, stay as Mario and perform largo jumps come avoid ns RoboBroodal's fee attacks. After avoiding ns second attack, capture another Hammer Bro y return to the middle of los arena to pummel los RoboBroodal's legs con hammers. Watch out for ns spinning fireworks that los RoboBroodal drops, y keep attacking los legs. Move away once los leg armor comes off, and rather 보다 collapse ns RoboBroodal will relocate into uno squatting position. Usar one that its legs to jump up on peak of it, y ground libra the 3rd Broodal.The fourth and final step is pretty similar to the third, simply capture un Hammer Bro, avoid the spinning fireworks, y keep attacking the RoboBroodal's foot as rápido as you can. Once los leg armor is removed ns RoboBroodal will autumn forward in uno faceplant, and you can jump increase its legs y ground lb the final Broodal. With the RoboBroodal taken treatment of, Mario will earn a Royal Crown and Royal Outfit, y you'll then have the ability to go delaware the remainder of los Power Moons concealed in this kingdom!

List of Dark side of los Moon strength Moons

There are 24 Power Moons to collection in los Dark side of the Moon kingdom, y their places are provided on this Dark lado of los Moon map. Here's just how to obtain them:Still need much more help with supervisor Mario Odyssey? Be certain to check out our supervisor Mario Odyssey wiki overview for interaction kingdom maps, walkthroughs, violet Coin locations y more!