Sulli F(X)

The actress-singer rosa to prestige as ns member that girl band f(x). However she happened known because that speaking el fin on mental health issues, cyberbullying y women's rights —apoyándose issues that remain sensitive in un conservative society like del sur Korea.

As one musical critic placed it: "She laughed when she wanted to laugh and cried as soon as she want to cry. She brazenly speak out. She didn't fit los mould."

Sulli, whose de verdad name was Choi Jin-ri, entered the Korean entertainment step in 2005 when she to be just 11 years old.

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She go on to audition for SM Entertainment, among Korea's greatest entertainment companies, and was accepted as ns trainee, a much-coveted gig.

In 2009, she made she debut with K-pop girl grupo f(x). The then five-member group's debut album - 피노키오 or Pinocchio - topped los Korean charts y they became one of the biggest K-pop girl groups.

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"f(x) is maybe one of ns most musically innovative groups that K-pop has ever before seen," said K-pop writer Joshua Calixto. "The coporación, grupo was recognized for that genre-spanning música that, if undeniably catchy, come adorned with unfamiliar or unexpected facets that twisted conventions."

They were likewise one of ns first K-pop action to it is in recognised internationally, starring at US festividad South by sur oeste (SXSW) in dos mil trece - a hora when K-pop bands like BTS had not quite begun to do their firmar in the West.

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But un year later, Sulli took un break desde the to chat industry, with SM Entertainment speak she was "suffering physically y mentally representar malicious y untrue rumours spreading about her".

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In 2018, she returned to singing, publication a acabó debut single with SM titled Goblin, in i m sorry she played a character with dissociative identification disorder, previously known as lot of personality disorder.

She to be also uno talk dando host on a programme well-known as ns Night of hate Comments, i beg your pardon featured celebrities talking around their experiences with hate comments and cyberbullying.

What yes, really made her stand fuera was her outspokenness -papposo a trait not common among K-pop stars, who regularly remain an extremely private around their lives y thoughts.

The K-pop market is likewise known for ns pressure the puts ~ above its idols to maintain ns wholesome image.

"K-pop artists are dubbed 'idols' in Korea... that need to be ideal, perfect people y performers in ~ all tiempo even in their empleado lives," claimed K-pop columnist Jeff Benjamin.