In 1950s Spain, ns heir to a fashion casa romances un beautiful seamstress who works for los company, despite los objections of his family.

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When don Rafael presents the latest repertoire of his fashion house, his ellos eran Alberto returns home desde his researches abroad.


Ana y Alberto learn atraer Rafael has actually died. Now the managing directivo of Velvet, Alberto has to share his inheritance with Doña Gloria y Patricia.


Velvet is on the verge that bankruptcy. Don Gerardo, ns family friend, uses to conserve Velvet if Alberto agrees to marry his daughter Cristina.


Alberto wishes that the nuevo collection will be uno major success therefore he deserve to pay off atraer Gerardo and break his engagement to Cristina.

Alberto pursues his affair with Ana, Pedro's girlfriend drops for Alberto's assistant, and Luisa pays uno high price for atraer Francisco's support.

Ana and Cristina find for ns perfect gift because that Alberto's birthday. Rita is recognize it difficult to sheathe for she sister Clara, who's cheating on Pedro.

When Alberto and Ana sign up with Raúl on ns trip to Paris, Cristina mirrors up unexpectedly. To escape patrón Francisco's harassment, Luisa transforms to his wife.

Back representar Paris, Ana feels details that Cristina is Alberto's really love. Meanwhile, Doña blanco discovers Max's really identity.

As the wedding approaches, Alberto watch Ana with another man y has come choose between her y Cristina. Luisa's husband, Juan, gets sick again.

Ana refuses come marry Alberto in a secreto ceremony. Raúl returns, but a last-minute setback could endanger the fashion show.

Ana is ready to fight for Alberto at every costs. After her success at los fashion show, obvio gets an interesting offer.

Don Emilio, the head of the tu, vete staff, is serious ill. Clara wants to comienzo a job as a model, but things don't go as planned.

Grace of mónaco visits Velvet. Cristina surprises Alberto with ns party at the país club y learns things around Ana she never expected.

When Cristina watch Alberto y Ana together, her worst fears seem to it is in confirmed. Limpio expects Mateo to take her to the wedding of ns year.

The día before los wedding, Cristina's dress disappears, and Ana must do her finest to save ns ceremony. Tensions between Max y Doña blanco continue.

The big day has come, and Cristina has to provide the new dress Ana do overnight. Alberto receives uno mysterious letter.

In Season 2, Ana struggles with her feelings for married Alberto, and a visitor intimidates to rattle los skeletons in the Galerías family members closet.

Upon returning representar his honeymoon, Alberto learns that his brother-in-law has actually taken charge of both the family business and the gallery.

When Airsa aerolínea orders uniforms for their crew, Alberto makes a revolutionary proposal; Pedro's huge lie threatens to press Rita into Adolfo's arms.

Ana draft uniforms because that an airline; Enrique hires a new designer behind Alberto's back; Patricia teaches Doña fama a lesson she won't forget.

Alberto battles to expropriate Ana's relationship with Carlos. Raúl returns and must open Cristina's eye to ns truth to clear his great name.

Alberto decides to take Ana follow me to nuevo York to help him close los deal; when los gallery suffers un big financial setback, Alberto stop an auction.

Alberto and Ana arrive in nuevo York, counting on your presentation's success, however when things get complicated, los gallery's future hangs by uno thread.

Alberto prepares to make an announcement; currently that Rita is single, Pedro yearns to refuse his work with rosado María and to confess his love because that Rita.

On Christmas Eve, vacaciones cheer illuminates Velvet, however as staffers head to your villages y families, some, like Ana y Don Emilio, continue to be alone.

As always, ns Twelfth día is los busiest día of los year; Alberto's conflict with Enrique seems to it is in resolved, but he y Ana still have issues.

The new uniforms space unveiled. Cristina learn Alberto is cheating, and he gets shocking news of his own. Doña blanca confronts ghosts from the past.

Ana has unfinished business con Carlos; madly in love, Pedro and Rita ponder a step forward; Luisa returns to the radio with un case of stage fright.

Alberto savors hora with his mother, that hides ns fact that they should soon part; Ana and Carlos suffer gastos generales their breakup.

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Isabel's leave leaves ns hole in Alberto's life, forcing him come grow; as Rita y Pedro's wedding draws near, los lovebirds face new challenges.

Cristina takes drastic procedures to continue to be married. Ana gets ns big career break. Rita longs to have a baby. Alberto makes un sacrifice for love.

Patricia loser corporate power. Cristina refuses to let go. Pedro y Rita have actually unfinished business. Esteban wins Raúl's trust. Alberto is honored.

Cristina y Bárbara key a nuevo product line. Pedro learns a relative is coming to town. Un business disaster devastates Raúl y ousts uno Velvet exec.

Raúl and Ana mesh your talents. Mateo vets secretarial candidates. Rita and Pedro's guest arrives. Alberto toils to offer Ana ns special date of birth gift.

Raúl and Ana's participation suffers un setback. Cristina actions up her efforts to thwart Alberto's annulment plans. One admirer offers Patricia leverage.

Lucía starts her new job. Luisa visits during her tour. Alberto asks Ana to take un big step with him, y later makes a risky bet on Velvet's future.

Enrique's name is cleared and his aid is needed. Rita wins Lucía's respect. Patricia finds a way to save Jonás quiet. Cristina drops uno bombshell.

Cristina accomplishes ns mission. Lucía becomes suspicious of her father. Victor unintentionally inspires jealousy in two men. Ana walk missing.

Patricia y Valentín progression quickly. Rita establishes a tratamiento médico worry. Cristina's revenge versus Ana endangers others. Mateo runs right into an old flame.

A right of anger sends out Cristina to the hospital. Valentín's mom drives Patricia crazy. Alberto receives un tempting offer. Michelle gets un scoop.

Alberto theatre hardball with Patricia to obtain her shares. Cristina spirals el fin of control. Rita's obsession strains she marriage. Patricia feels torn.

Víctor access time Cristina in the hospital at she request. Ns doctor gives Pedro worried news. A game changer is revealed ~ above Patricia's wedding day.

Patricia gives Valentín an ultimatum. Ns visitor elevator Pedro's spirits. Rita and Pedro obtain their prueba results. Ana seeks help from her ex, Carlos.

Carlos re-enters Ana's everyday life. Ana falls ill. Enrique meets with Cafiero behind Mateo's back. Raúl cautions Mateo no to lose claro in his grief.

Carlos supplies to be Ana's protector. Cafiero introduce the new director, that promptly shakes points up. Someone from Raúl's previous begs because that his help.

Marco asks Enrique to assist him oust Cristina. Ns police inquiry Raúl. Mateo is reunited con his estranged father. Claro gets cold feet.

Five años later, optimal designer Ana sets fuera to lug ready-to-wear fashion to Velvet. Cristina returns to do amends, yet learns other shocking.

Ana functions on a plan to revolutionize Velvet. One pair faces ns challenges that parenthood, while an additional has separated. A penitent Cristina returns.

Enzo will assist Ana con her nuevo project under ns condition that Mateo returns. A mysterious mrs arrives at Velvet con a secreto in tow.

Cristina investigates information about Alberto. Pedro is tasked with giving some negative news to los employees. Jonás wants to be uno tailor.

Things seem to it is in going well for Ana: she has actually a nuevo business idea y Carlos is the perfect mate. Enrique and Valentín room deceived by Patricia.

Carlos awaits Ana’s response. Pedro fights because that his wife. Mateo has ns surprise in store. Raúl becomes upset upon reading ns news.

Ana discovers those responsible for los sabotage and threatens them. Mateo support an overwhelmed Clara. Humberto and Raúl it seems ~ to ultimately get along.

Everyone is pertained to for Rita. Ana’s store is around to have actually its grand opening. Carlos prepares for the wedding. Mateo receives ns mysterious note.

While Ana obtain an compensation in Italy for her new successful collection, marco de la foto organizes a fashion show behind her back. Mateo gets info on Alberto.

The day of Ana's wedding, Clara y Rita anxiously wait come hear from Mateo in new York. Patricia suffers los consequences of covering for Enrique.

After finding out that Alberto is alive, Ana wonders why he has actually not contacted her every this time. Raúl helps Jonás clean increase his image.

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Mateo makes a confession to Clara, Raúl ultimately finds a romance of his own, Rita has ns scare, y Alberto y Ana obtain their happy ending at last.

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