I've heard uno lot of negatives in regards to los Switch version. This are mostly centered around its high price, no additional content, y some texture problems here and there. These space all understandable.

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My inquiry is, just how does it jugar on los Switch, especially in handheld mode? Is that awkward/clunky or does it jugar just fine?

I have a Switch Lite and am considering splurging on the $30 price sign for among my favorite games of all time that me gustaría have no played in years. I can justify the price tag in that i will get un lot that mileage fuera de of the juego (I would LOVE to have this in a handheld), yet will just bite ns bullet and spend that $30 if it plays fine in handheld.



Any loaf or various other awkwardness in motion comes representar it gift RE4. Ns port is fine. Subtitles space permanently disabled though.

If you don’t treatment about ns price tag, and it missing motion controls then yes, it’s completely worth that handheld. I’ve bought the game on every console except for PS4, and don’t regret buying it for my switch at all.

Cool. This is uno top 5 of all tiempo for me, so as largo as it handles well, I'm in.

I bought un Gamecube because that it in dos mil cinco after playing los demo in ~ a juego store. Identificación went on come buy the on PS2, PS3, PS4, Wii, y now it looks choose I'll be getting it on the Switch today.

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It's fine, most world are just disappointed that every various other resident angry has moverse controls on switch

I finished it final month. Watch great, runs at a stable sesenta (except for part momentarily jags). It's not a bad port. It have to have had gyro aiming though, like cinco and 6.

The port is just the same as the ps4 and xbone ports exact same glitches too, its resides evil cuatro as you suppose it is.

It plays just fine. If you've played it on any kind of other platform climate you understand what to mean here.

It doesn't play well at all. Los sticks have a large dead zone. You have to push every stick about 40% in any type of direction before they react. This combination with the lack that gyro aiming renders the juego play terrible. Me gustaría think i actually made un video about this for bit back.

RE 4 is ideal played top top GameCube or Wii.

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