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I purchase train tickets, identificación want castle on mine passbook wallet ~ above my iphone phone because identificación don't have a printer, but it looks choose you have the right to only perform it soon after you've booked it, I've clicked off los page.

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If not, identificación have los "localizador" is that the ticket number code? Can i print them turn off at los train station con this code?


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go to ns ticket an equipment in the train station, clic on the english language. Follow the instruction and input her localizador (ticket recommendation number) y print your renfe ticket.

Each ticket has actually its own distinct Localizador number and as ptgita claims you have the right to get uno printed ticket at stations having los machines (most the them) y take your ticket. Identificación think that if you had actually registered con RENFE then you might have got this Passport Wallet download just by going into your own la red area.

Any trouble just go to uno manned ticket counter.

You have the right to use ns ticket number and generate ns email link. Representar there you deserve to just download to your iPhone. That offers you ns option to add to los Wallet. Walk that, y used ns tickets off ns Wallet without any issue.

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Just usar your localisation number to get ns ticket representar the ticket device in ns station. There are plenty that these makers in atocha y chamartin y it take away only ns couple of minutes to acquire your ticket.

I'm so late to this conversation, but me gustaría have los same inquiry as los original poster: how do identificación get the ticket into my clever phone's passbook? telling me that me gustaría can print it at the station is not a helpful answer. Identificación already knew i could perform that. Me gustaría would favor that los ticket reside in mine phone, no as a separate item of paper.

You can acquire your ticket through email, sms or to passbook/passwallet. It's an choice you choose at the end of your purchase. From what identificación understand, friend can also get it sent to you after the purchase by using the localizador number on los Renfe tejido de punto site.

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The following link in Spanish describes how come go about it. Sorry, couldn't find uno link come an English version with my phone's browser.

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