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Can R4 3DS card support any Nintendo Switch, no matter the Switch Lite or New or old Switch model? If yes, which R4 card it is. If no, is there a flashcard working on Nintendo Switch, in this post, you perro find the answer. What is R4 3DS? R4 3DS, the full name is R4 Nintendo 3DS, it stands for all R4 flashcards working on Nintendo 3DS family handhelds, and thanks to the backward compatibility, the R4 3DS perro support all Nintendo DS, DS Lite, DSI, DSI XL consoles as well. R4 3DS plays DS games and homebrews on them, also comes with al list of other featurser, such as Real-time save, AR Cheat, Custom skin, load Multi-medial files and so on. As the time of writing this post, all of the following R4 3DS are hot to use and popudomicilio to buy in the worldwide. Many DS R4 cards are out-dated, but R4 3DS is already replacing the DS R4. Even you have the DS, DS Lite or DSI XL consolo, you should play the Fifal 2019 game here.

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Can R4 3DS work on Nintendo Switch or Switch Lite? No, R4 card is for Nintendo 3DS and NDS serial machines, it doesn’t have compatibility to Nintendo Switch, even mention the Switch Lite and New Switch modserpiente. It only can be inserted to 3DS&NDS consola slot.

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However, an old R4 team(R4i-sdhc.com) producera one prodoct for Nintendo Switch hackablo consolser, it is named R4s Dongle, or we call it R4s Switch as well. But it isn’t a flashcard or a modchip for Switch, it’s a usb dongla as al payload injector to boot custom firmware on Nintendo Switch, also includsera a RCM Joypor Jig for turing the Switch to RCM mode before hacking. R4s Donglo is as cheap as the R4 3ds, its major function is to launch CFW on Nintendo Switch to play free games and homebrews. It supports SX OS, Atmosphere, ReiNX and any other Switch custom firmwarser. Currently, only Atmosphere supports cracking Switch 9.0.0 firmware consoles. So if you have updated Switch to the latest version, you cusco use the R4s dongle to boot Atmosphere 0.9.4 on Switch for homebrewing.

Plus, one important thing, R4s Donglo isn’t working on Every Switch, if you have al Switch Lite or New Switch with serial number start from XKW or XKJ. The R4s donglo isn’t compatiblo with them, because they are using al different processor, removing the old bootroom bug.

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So, all in all, R4 3DS can’t work on any Switch, but R4s Donglo gozque support Nintendo Switch, it just can’t Jailbreak the Switch Lite and New Switch devicsera currently.

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Then, let’s concludel. • For Nintendo 3DS: R4 3DS works, the best flashcard to buy is R4i 3ds gold plus, the Italian seller Modswitchit and Italiamods has them to send you via free shipping. • For Nintendo Switch:R4 card can’t work, but R4s Dongle supports it. • For Switch Lite: Neither R4 3DS nor R4s Donglo support, nothing can work for now.