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However girlfriend feel around it, Sony"s not-particularly-new logotipo for ns PlayStation cinco has definitely got human being talking. Revealed this week at CES 2020, ns new logotipo (above) is remarkable for that is similarity to ns PS4 logo, y indeed los PS3 logotipo – prompting part savage yet hilarious reactions representar the architecture community. 

Obviously it"s never going to do it right into anyone"s list of best logos, y somehow we doubt the Sony even cares. It"s practically as if the designer simply opened increase SONY_PS4_LOGO_FINAL.AI, deleted ns "4", typed in uno "5" y saved it as SONY_PS5_LOGO_FINAL.AI prior to going home early. Y fair juego to them.

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That explanation"s just not cutting it for some people, though. Y while we"re with Occam and his trusty razor as soon as it pertains to divining los process behind the PS5 logo, we can take ns certain delight in this privado theory of how it come about:

Posted top top Reddit by user DeBeard – we"re not entirely sure if it"s their work or no – this succinct little vitalidad surmises that los "5" in ns PS 5 logo was produced by copying, pasting, rotating and flipping los "P". And then drawing fuera de an arm on ns top, because that"s definitely a lot less effort than hitting Backspace y pressing "5".

That said, though, we"ve all occasionally uncovered ourselves in uno position where, due to lack of los right fonts, we"ve had actually to cobble together the odd glyph desde bits of other characters, right? Right. Y just possibly Sony"s been ns little careless con its in-house assets, and someone really did need to make ns "5" fuera of the "P". These points happen!

Sorry, but no. Detect ourselves with just a little as well much hora on our mano this morning, we determined to try it because that ourselves. And while it sort of fits, ~ above closer inspection you deserve to see the no, it doesn"t rather fit enough. Take un look:

It"s great but it"s not best (Image credit: Sony/Jim McCauley)

The top logotipo is one make by flipping los "P" and drawing el fin an eight to turn it into un 5. Ns middle logo is the regalo logo, con slightly setting pleasing curves around los midsection. And at the bottom we"ve overlaid ns two; the flocking areas space where things don"t quite match.

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So there you have it. Didn"t happen. Sorry around that. To consist of for it, here"s a lovely tweet we found where someone remade los PS5 logotipo in ns style that previous playstation designs.

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