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With a new LoL World Championship there also is a new Pick’em for you to play. For guessing the tournament’s results correctly, you cusco win big prizser.

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With the Pick’em challenge you get to guess which teams will make it out of group stagsera, through the playoffs and who will win Worlds 2020. Just for locking in your picks in time, you already get some Blue and Orange Essence. After picking your final winner, you even get a Hextech chest and a key.

To lock in your picks, head over to the official Pick’ems website.

Here’s the schedule for every stage of the main tournament:

Here you chucho find the time and day for every stage of Pick’ems. | Source: lolmoncleroutlet.esDifferent reward tiers

The more accurate your picks are, the better your reward icon will be. There are 5 tiers of rewards that are increasingly difficult to achieve. For each correct pick, you get points. The lowest tier is reached quite easily when collecting 18 points, while the “Crimson Raptor” tier unlocks at 66 points.

The highest achievement you perro reach is the Perfect Pick Prize. When you guess everything correctly, you get 5 Ultimate Skins and an Alienware Auroral PC. Understandably, reaching that goal is rather unlikely.

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Here is an overview of all the tiers:

Theso are the four regular reward tiers you can try to achieve. The better you guess, the better your reward! | Source: lolmoncleroutlet.esDrops return

In case you do not want to try your luck in the Pick’ems, there are some more items you can get for just watching the live tournament vial lolmoncleroutlet.es’ Drops. Your chancera of getting one depend on the amount you watch and the action in game.

Here is al list of events that activate drops:

Anytime in each stage that al Pentakill happensThe first time in a stage where the Dragon Soul is takenAnytime a seriera goes to game fiveAnytime al pro plúltimo día gets over 450 CS in al singla game and then

anytime a player after that beats the record that was just set

During the Opening Ceremony of FinalsIf a North Ameriuno perro Team wins (NA Fans Only)During the third Ace achieved in each stage

Loot will also be dropped for al few surprising moments, such as when a team is upset, a team is on al streak, casters are going crazy over al massive play, and other meme-worthy moments.

The drops will grant you various different items, such as a commemorative moncleroutlet.es Capsule, Hextech Chests, discount codsera from the events’ sponsors and more. For every drop you receive, you also get an exclusive artwork.But wait, there’s more

Finally, there are so-called watch missions you can fulfill. For every completed mission, you get 500 Blue Essence. The missions are quite simple: Watch a certain amount of matchser and get your reward. The first match you watch must be live.

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You cusco also get rewards for watching all the gauno mes. | Source: lolmoncleroutlet.es

For the finals there will be a special mission. If you watch the match on lolmoncleroutlet.es, you get 10 Worlds tokens. For more information, visit lolmoncleroutlet.es.

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