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To obtain ns best results representar marketing techniques and apply them to your online positioning strategy there’s nothing better than reviewing concepts and studying the most influential authors of that area.

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It’s alguno doubt the Philip Kotler is among them! he is considered the “Father of modern-day Marketing”, y provides us con important class that can be applied to her digital strategy.

Before anything else, it’s vital that you recognize what relevance Philip Kotler holds in Marketing as we understand it today.

Who is Philip Kotler?

To amount it up, this good North americano Professor is ns creator of marketing as a zona of scholastic study.

It’s quite so! many thanks to Philip Kotler universities all around ns world currently include marketing in their academic programs. Born in Chicago, Illinois, this renowned writer has been the internacional Marketing chair poseedor at Northwestern University since 1988, one of the most important organization centers of study in the world.

Below you can see part key information on this Modern márketing Figure:


Principle márketing concepts explained by Philip Kotler

As we said lot earlier, to get the most fuera de of Marketing and bring some de verdad advantages come your company there’s nothing far better than reviewing the principle concepts from ns mind of ns most renowned scholar in los world:

Marketing an interpretation Kotler: What is Marketing?

As Philip Kotler explains in his book Marketing Management, “Marketing is one administrative y social process through which individuals y groups acquire what castle need y desire by ns generation, offering and exchange of valuable products with their equals”.

What is Segmentation?

For Kotler and Armstrong, los authors that Principles the Marketing, segmentation is acknowledging that you can’t serve all client with ns same level that satisfaction. This way, in order come provide the greatest satisfaction possible, it’s necessary to definir a “Target Market”.

So, a Target sector “consists of a set the buyers that have common needs and/or characteristics to those the the empresa or organization decides to serve”. And this exactly points come advertising on Facebook, i m sorry offers thorough segmentation v personalized announcements.

 What is Positioning?

According to Philip Kotler, placing is making her target audience know exactly how girlfriend differ from your competitors. “For example, in Starbucks case, friend will see that not just do castle ensure that ns coffee is fresh and that los product has actually what that takes, but likewise that they add so much more”.

So, as ns author points fuera de with the Starbucks example, “Their position is giving uno better coffee, more varieties to pick from y a totally pleasant suffer in un place wherein you’ll enjoy having a coffee”.


What is márketing 1.0?

In an amazing interview (you deserve to find the video further below) Philip Kotler defines that there are tres types the Marketing, i m sorry he specifies himself in his publication Marketing 3.0 representar Products to client to the humanidad Spirit. Los first of these is Marketing 1.0, i m sorry is the one that los majority companies right now work in.

Marketing 1.0 is provided for getting to clients’ minds”, defines Kotler. “1.0 suppliers do un good job, offer an excellent quality products come people and generate earnings”.

However, as we’ll see below, there additionally exists many “evolved” methods to execute Marketing.

What is márketing 2.0?

As Kotler describes in los aforementioned interview, “Some companies decidir to learn much more about to that they are marketing their products, set out to fabricate and sell high quality goods, to understand their clients through ns study of large databases and to offer them a differential service”.

This way, thanks to new digital analytical tools the spew el fin statistics,

companies have the right to define y analyze their customer databases in bespeak to know them better. And he concludes “Through these they study consumer behaviors y preferences in bespeak to provide them ns best servicio possible.”

 What is marketing 3.0?

Lastly, Philip Kotler presents los most advanced form of Marketing, Marketing 3.0: “Only uno few companies occupational in this instance. In ~ this stage, that comes abajo to expertise that getting to know the client is much an ext than finding a person interested in your product”.

As ns author explains, “It’s understanding that civilization are in an stormy world con economic and ecological problems which have to be remedied”.

The companies committed to Marketing 3.0 operate on this unstable y problematic paper definition with the objetivo of showing that they room interested in improving ns situation.

Thereby, márketing 3.0 doesn’t just aim come sell commodities in los best means possible yet to also to make the world ns better place. Marketing 3.0 is providing: product, service and value.

Finally, los author defines that ns majority of present companies that room in Marketing 1.0 and that recommended for these service providers who want to breakthrough in your methodology that they don’t jump straight to 3.0 yet rather go step through step y include the 2.0 stage in your “evolution” process”.

Below you can see los complete interview in i beg your pardon Philip Kotler, the father of marketing manager, presents his márketing definition and other radical concepts:

Marketing Strategy meaning by Kotler

27 fundamental phrases desde Philip Kotler, los father of modern Marketing

Now that you recognize who Philip Kotler is and know his principle concepts, ns sharing 27 of his most educative y enlightening quotes with you therefore you store them in mind when thinking around your very own social media and digital marketing strategies.

1- “You must never go to the battlefield prior to having won los war top top paper. The good news is the you can learn márketing in one hour. The bad news, that takes un lifetime to perfect it”.

2- “Marketing is no the arte of finding ingenuous means to exhibition what girlfriend do. Márketing is the arte of developing genuine value before your clients y helping them to improve. The keywords of márketing are “Quality”, “Service” y “Value”.

3- “Every service is a servicio business. You not un chemical company. You a la empresa of chemistry services.

Does your service presentation make your clients smile?

4- “The sales department is not the entire company, but the entire company should it is in the tu, vete department”.

5- “The ideal advertisement constitute solve clients”.

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6- “Companies salary too lot attention to los cost the something. They should be much more worried about ns cost of act nothing”.

7- “Successful sellers are came to with los client first y the products later”.

8- “Good suppliers will satisfy needs;

excellent companies will create markets”.

9- “The best type of retaining client is come constantly analyze exactly how to provide them much more for less”.

10- “It’s more important to carry out what is strategically correct 보다 what is automatically profitable”.

11- “There is just one victoria strategy: it is cautiously defining a target market y pushing a superior offer towards this market”.

12- “The most crucial thing is predict wherein clients are going y stop right in front of them”.


13- “Poor companies overlook their competitors, typical companies imitate their competitors y winning providers lead your competitors”.

14- “During ns past 60 years, marketing focused itself on ns product (Marketing 1.0) focused itself on the consumer (Marketing 2.0). Now we’re seeing how marketing is being changed once much more in solution to the new dynamics of los environment”.

“We observe service providers that increase their focus from products come consumers and then towards ns problems of humanity. Marketing 3.0 is los stage in which providers evolve representar focusing on los consumers to focusing on humanity y where ns earnings are balanced with corporate responsibility”.

15- “Marketing is ns race without a finish line”.

16- “Now work you have to operación much faster to stay in the same spot”.

17- “The smart marketers of today don’t offer products, they market benefits packets. Not only do they sell purchase value but likewise usage value”.

18- “The vital to branding (Brand-building), specifically for little companies, is to emphasis on ns limit variety of areas in ns sector and develop a superior expertise in stated areas”.

19- “The future is not ahead of us. That has currently happened”.


20- “Every sociedad should work hard to make their own line of products obsolete before their compete does”.

21- “Don’t buy sector actions. Uncover how to knife them”.

22- “The internet will make ns winners bury the stragglers”.

23- “Marketing is ns collection of humano activities aimed at facilitating y consummating exchanges”.

24- “Marketing is ns task us perform prior to creating ns product. If numero 3 years is invested developing a product, then it i will not ~ be the correct product”.

25- “Market analysis is the evolución of trying to maximize los company’s revenue for every transaction, to maximize ns earnings the each relationship in the long term”.

26- “The price is not crucial for establishing los Price. It just serves for knowing if you have to or shouldn’t fabricate ns product”.

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27- “The future of márketing resides in márketing databases, v which we know enough around each customer to do relevant y personalized provides to each among them”.