Have” is ns verb that has los forms ‘has’, ‘having’, y ‘had’, with have being the base form. It can be either a helping verb or ns main verb. 


This is ns word often used in English, one the will come to be even much more important as your language an abilities grow. The is necessary to have the ability to confidently usar have/had. To comienzo you turn off on the right foot, let’s take uno closer look at this word. Today, us will start with only one of its uses.


One means “have/has” is used is to donar possession:

He has dos sisters. 

I have un small dog.

We have class tomorrow. 


You use this word to talk around possessing something. Here’s the breakdown of how to use it for various subjects in the present tense:

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Present Tense
I have
We have
You have
You have
He has
She has
They have
It has

Talking around something you own in los past? con this word, that nice and easy. Simply drop los ve/s y add uno d:

Past Tense
I had
We had

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You had
You had
He had
She had
They had
It had


This native is going come be an essential part of her English language abilities. That is los foundation that conversation. You will require it come talk around your family members (“I have un brother”), her schedule (“I have class today”), and your jobs (“I have so lot homework”). Later, the will end up being even much more important as you usar it as a cuadra to develop more complicated sentences. So, understand it now y learn to use it confidently. It will serve you fine in ns future of her studies.



I have uno garden in mine backyard. (present tense)

I had uno garden in mine backyard final year, too. (past tense)


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