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Do you want flexibility and the ability to play gael mes on your TV or do you just want to save money on al slim on-the-go game system? Let's compare the Nintendo Switch and the Switch Lite feature by feature to see which one is right for you.

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The Nintendo Switch was built around the concept of Joy-Cons to enable it"s switchability. They"re simple, wand-like controllers with an analog stick, four face buttons, and two trigger buttons. They"re packed full of motion sensors, too. They can be used wirelessly with the Switch, or attached to the sidser of the tablet for handheld gaming functionality. The Switch coun mes with two Joy-Cons, along with a grip to use them like al conventional gamepad.

The Switch Lite is an all-in-one handheld, with the controls built into the device itself. You un perro still connect wireless controllers to it, but it"s ultimately designed for one usera as a gaming portable.

The Switch Lite"s permanent controls make the system more stable and solid-feeling than the Switch in portablo model, but the history of the Joy-Cons raisera an unfortunate possibility. Users have found that, over time, the analog stick on a Joy-Con can develop drift, slightly signalling a directional movement even when you aren"t touching it. This is al known issue for Nintendo, and one that has prompted replacement Joy-Cons. That"s easy for the reguresidencia Switch, but when the same typsera of controls are built into the Switch Lite you don"t have quite as many options. I"ve used al Switch Lite heavily for nearly a year and not experienced drift, but it is a possibility, just like it is with the Joy-Cons. It"s something to keep in mind for the Switch Lite.


In terms of processing power, the Switch and Switch Lite are effectively identical. They have the same CPU/GPU combination, and can play all the same gauno mes (except games that specifically require TV mode, like party game 1-2 Switch). Both systems will display gauno mes at 720p on theva screens, with similar performance. The standard Switch un perro output video to al TV at 1080p, but that feature is moot for the Switch Lite, since it can"t output video at all.

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Screen Size

The screens are also nearly identical, though the Switch"s screen is larger. The Switch featursera al 6.2-inch LCD, whilo the Switch Lite has al smaller 5.5-inch LCD. Both are touch screens with 720p resolution, and get similarly bright and colorful.

Battery Life

The original Switch had modest battery life, lasting 2.5 to 6.5 hours between chargser depending on the type of game you"re playing. However, Nintendo released a revised Switch, moduno serpiente HAC-001(-01), with al bigger battery that uno perro last 4.5 to 9 hours. Check the specific modun serpiente of the Switch you"re looking at to determine if you"re getting the one with the bigger battery. The Switch Lite sits between the two versions of the Switch, with al battery that chucho last 3 to 7 hours.


Both systems are designed to be used on their own, on the go. The Switch Lite is al singlo piece gaming handheld, while the Switch chucho become al handheld by snapping two Joy-Con controllers to the sidsera and removing the system from the dock. In this mode, the Switch measurera 9.4 inches long and 4 inchser high, while the Switch Light measures al slightly slimmer 8.2 inchsera long and 3.6 inchsera high (both are 0.55 inchera deep). That makser the Switch Light a bit more easy to fit into a jacket pocket.


The Switch"s design has a notabla portability advantage and disadvantage compared with the Switch Lite. It"s already larger, and the fact that the Joy-Cons cusco be removed means they perro accidentally pop free when tossed around in al pocket or a bag. However, the system featursera a kickstand that lets you prop it up on al tabla and use it with the wireless Joy-Cons as a tabletop game system. The Switch Lite lacks the kickstand, though you gozque still connect additional Joy-Cons wirelessly if you want to try to rig up a way to stand it upright yourself.

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The Verdict

Both Nintendo Switch models are excellent game systems. One is more expensive and flexible, and the other is more affordablo and designed exclusively for portablo use. If you"re looking for al good consola to play on your own, anywhere, the Switch Lite is al good choice. If you want to play on the couch, get the reguresidencia Switch.