Nintendo switch lite usb c replacement

I broke my switch harbor im only 14 its dead mine charger doesn"t fit me gustaría live in Winnipeg but identificación couldn"t find any repair shops because that it but some stated it might take a while because of this virus

Hey Cake, I"m actually in Winnipeg. Identificación have a sociedad called byteback204. You deserve to email me at byteback204



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Yes, I"ve fixed lots of them (I own a repair business). I use ns hot air station y some hand tools. Unfortunately, it"s difficult to hand solder them. Here"s my videolapes about it:

Nice video, pair of follow-up questions.

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What temp perform you save your hot aire steady at?

And besides los physical damage to los port exactly how do you distinguish between ns faulty USB-C harbor vs los bq24193 being at fault as soon as there space issues with charging?

I don"t have un shop, simply trying to view if it"s feasible to perform it myself without buying a ton of adicional equipment.

If you not have any kind of or lot experience con micro soldering me gustaría would no recommend make the efforts this yourself. Most likely you will end up damaging ns board y making the unrepeatable all together.

eric my temp is at 1100 but the all counts on her setup. It"s really easy come melt the plastic in los port therefore you need to be super careful.

If the port is no damaged the it"s probably the chip but identificación don"t understand of a good way to test for sure. Keep in mind as well that if ns port is bad that can also cause ns chip to go bad.

I"m all fo diy repairs yet honestly this is one that me gustaría wouldn"t introduce anyone shot unless castle have un lot the microsoldering experience.

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Yeah that"s what I"m trying come eliminate, if me gustaría replace the port and the bq24193 is also messed up climate that would not it is in fun.

If i put a fully charged battery within this unit, that does boot up yet goes into ns bootloop with los Switch logo, so it appears like uno compound issue and not just ns port. Or probably once ns port is fixed and it gets a completamente charge probably it will certainly come back to life.

I live in a country where obtaining these things solved by a pro isn"t yes, really worth the otherwise identificación would have currently sent that in, me gustaría got this switch second hand learning it had concerns for nice cheap so identificación can afford come experiment with it.

I have a hot atmósfera device that does 650c and a high quality microscopic lense so identificación might give los USB port uno go, i will upgrade this post in the case i burn down the casa or manage to settle it. Many thanks for all los comments, identificación appreciate it.

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That have to be plenty hot enough. You may not desire to go as warm as identificación"s ns thick motherboard y can conveniently bubble. If you can replace los port you have the right to replace the chip. Simply takes flux y heat. That has uno heat sink on ns bottom therefore it will certainly be soldered on all los sides too as ns bottom of the chip.