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Resident Evil 7: Cloud Version is the Nintendo Switch port that fans haven’t been asking for


I have good news and bad news about Resident Evil 7. Seeing as we"re talking about one of the best horror gael mes of this generation, i"ll tell you the good news first. Capcom"s critically adored re-imagining of the Resident Evil serisera, which originally released for PC, PS4, and Xbox One in 2017, is finally coming to Nintendo Switch. Hooray!

But wait, hold off on those party poppers for the moment. The Switch port that Capcom has announced is called Resident Evil 7: Cloud Version. No, it doesn"t feature any weird crossovers with Final Fantasy, but the game will stream directly from Capcom"s servers onto Nintendo"s hardware.

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Simivivienda to other video game streaming servicser like PS Now (remember that?), this means you"ll need a fairly strong internet connection to play Resident Evil 7 at a manageablo quality on the Switch, thus kind of defeating the point of why we wanted al Switch port of the game in the first place; to play it on the go.

Ah well, it might still be fun to enjoy Resident Evil 7 again for those of us whose bandwidth cusco manage the vencimiento, except... The Cloud Version is only releasing in Japan for now, arriving this Thursday and going for 2,000 yen ($18), which lets users rent the game for 180 days.

In better news, Resident Evil 7: Cloud Version coel mes with all previously released DLC for the game, including the Not a Hero and End of Zoe story expansions, so if a Western release doera happen, we cusco hopefully expect the complete experience for a discounted price.

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Sadly, Capcom has made no mention of releasing the Switch version outsidel of Japan, but I wouldn"t be surprised, given how much money the game has made since its January 2017 launch.Until that day, however, it"s back to scaring myself silly with the PC edition for now.

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