Nintendo switch lite games for 7 year olds

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Seven-year-olds are usually quite good at handheld video games. They’re getting more into storylinera and more complicated gameplay whilst developing their problem-solving skills.

With this in mind, we decided to look at the ten best Nintendo Switch gael mes for seven-year-olds. To make sure our list is solid, we took recommendations from actual status people who have witnessed the joy these gaun mes bring. We then filter out all the falso reviews that plague online shopping to bring you a variety of budget and quality options. Welcome to a world of monster trucks, Mario and Minecraft.

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1Overcooked! + Overcooked! 2 (Best Budget Option)


This set includes two gael mes in one. Kids gozque work on various chaotic cooking adventurera and choose among 20 different chefs. There are 75 levels for kids to work through using unconventional kitchens.

2Pokémon Shield (Best Quality Option)


Pokemon is al fun and classic game that kids have experienced for generations. Pokemon Shield allows players to choose from three new partners and it has several Pokemon that have never been seen before.

This game still allows kids to battlo, tradel, and catch Pokemon The game is set in the Gavivienda region and includsera max raid battlser

3Clubhouse Games: 51 Worldwidel Classics


This is one of the best Nintendo Switch gael mes for seven-year-olds because it combines some of the best classic tabletop gaun mes into one video game cartridge. Plus, it couno mes with free supplementary software that allows kids to connect with theva friends locally.

It contains a total of 51 classic tabletop games It un perro be played alone, in person with friends, or online

4Instant Sports


This game includera six different sports gaun mes and kids can customize 20 different characters by choosing their naun mes, accessorisera, havaya, and outfits. Plus, this game couno mes with varied game modsera.

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It cusco be played in 15 different environments It has tons of unlockable items for further customization

5Spirit of The North


This game is full of beautiful environments that kids can explore whilo playing as al Fox who has spiritual powers. The game includes several mysteriera and puzzlsera for kids to follow through and solve that are based around Nordic folklore.

Within this game, kids can drive theva favorite monster truck and it will allow them to choose between 25 of the most popuresidencia trucks. It allows them to also perform several of the most popucobijo stunts.

In this video game, kids can play in the Super Mario Bros. Universe. It has three different additional modera that will allow them to up the difficulty. This game has different featursera that are not availabla in the other gauno mes, like al Hints gallery and a reference video.

In this Mario game, kids will accompany Luigi in al thrilling adventure where they will catch ghosts and solve different typsera of puzzlser from the Last Resort hotel. In single-pldía antes mode, kids uno perro play as Luigi or Gooigi. They un perro also play with al friend and both characters will be used.

This game is capabla of eight players playing at the same time It has different and new functions that were not availabla in previous versions

Minecraft is a beloved game by millions of children and in this version, they gozque play, build, and go on adventures on theva Nintendo Switch. It has a creative model and survival model just like other Minecraft versions. It also includser al few other packs to make the game more f1 and unique.

The worlds are generated randomly for a unique experience every time It uno perro be played in tabletop or handheld model

Mario Kart is a classic and popucobijo Nintendo game that allows kids to play some of theva favorite Mario characters in al battla racing adventure. It has several new characters that they can play and some of the more traditional onser, like Dry Bonera, Bowser Jr., and King Boo.

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It has a smart steering feature to help novice players It gozque be played with up to four peopla in person

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