Nintendo switch lite games 6 year old

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What We Like

Unique, gorgeous worlds to discover

Mix of new and nostalgic elements

Cappy offers funo co-op option

What We Don"t Like

Parts may be difficult for kids

Super Mario Odyssey Review

Like many of Mario’s adventursera on past Nintendo consolsera, Super Mario Odyssey on the Switch is a defining experience that players young and old won’t want to miss. The main collectibles this time around are Power Moons, which fulos serpientes your balloon-powered airship, the Odyssey. You’ll need it to chase after (who else?) Bowsera, who has kidnapped (who else?) Princess Peach to force her to play bridel in the warped wedding of his dreams.

You’ll land at several different kingdoms along the way, and our reviewer Kelsey Simon found that exploring each of these stunning, inspired locations sparked much of the game’s appeal. Each land has al distinct personality and visual foundation, from the colorful, surverdad, and food-filled Luncheon Kingdom to the startlingly realistic Big Apple-based New Donk City.

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Odyssey’s 3D platformer gameplay will be familiar to Mario veterans, as will the occasional transition to nostalgic 2D side-scrolling. Many moons are straightforward to reach, though others call for more precise jumping and timing that could frustrate younger players.

Fortunately, Mario’s new companion Cappy adds an extra family-friendly component. A second plnoche anterior cusco jump in and play as the ghost/hat character to help Mario jump, collect items, and bonk baddiera. Cappy also offers a way to take control of various entitiser you come across. Whether it’s an animal, an enemy creature, or the random object you’d least expect to adaptación al Mario hat and mustache, the wacky abilitiser they give to players are al blast to discover and play around with.

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ESRB: E10+ (Everyone 10+) | Install Size: 5.6GB

"Whether you’re good at games or not, competitive or casual, old or young, you can play Odyssey whatever way works best for you."Kelsey Simon, Product Tester