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Best answer: Yes! Because ns Nintendo move Lite supports gamings that room playable via the Switch"s handheld mode, Fortnite ~ above Nintendo move Lite is indeed playable. Players won"t have any type of HD Rumble attributes available, however, thanks to los Nintendo move Lite not having actually it developed in.

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What"s Fortnite?

Fortnite is one extremely ancha battle royale game that is obtainable to juego for free. Ever because its launch, the game has blown increase into a worldwide phenomenon, y remains one of the most popular games on ns planet ideal now. Raza to other battle royale titles, Fortnite drops 100 players ~ above an island where they then have to fight to be the final one standing.

Unlike other fight royales, Fortnite incorporates that is PvE elements into ns PvP gameplay, enabling players to build structures to use as makeshift defenses. This mechanism is what makes the competitive aspects of Fortnite different representar other, an ext standard shooters. Not only do you need to think about weaponry, yet you likewise have to be proficient sufficient in building to caminar away as un winner in fights.

Are there any kind of limitations on Fortnite on ns Nintendo move Lite?

While the Switch Lite comes in as un budget version of the standard Nintendo Switch, there aren"t too many limitations as soon as it involves playing Fortnite. Ns biggest difference is the you"ll just be able to juego the juego via handheld mode, as the Switch Lite does not support televisión mode. Of course, los Switch Lite is also a bit smaller, comes in in ~ 5.5 riñón versus the original Switch"s 6.2-inch screen. That means the game you"ll be play will additionally be smaller.

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If uno small screen bothers you, the Switch Lite might not be the best Fortnite machine. However, the juego is available on mobile phones with much tinier screens, for this reason it likely won"t be un huge issue. Because the Switch Lite is made to be an ext affordable, it will likewise lack ns kickstand, i beg your pardon means cuales tabletop mode. Also, it will not have actually any motion controls or HD rumble. While motion controls have the right to be offered in Fortnite on ns Switch, they aren"t necessary, but the lack that rumble may influence how some world enjoy los game.

Bottom line

Thankfully, the Nintendo move Lite doesn"t offer too lot in los way of distinctions when it concerns playing games. Some games will suffer y be harder to play for it, yet Fortnite isn"t among them. If you"re spring to choose up ns Switch Lite because of its reduced price however are afraid you won"t have the ability to earn success Royales on it, have cuales fear, y be prepared to reap some of ns best gamings that los Nintendo Switch needs to offer.

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Fortnite battle Royale

Get the Fortnite experience

For those spring to jugar the an international phenomenon, Fortnite fight Royale is easily accessible for free y can be played appropriate now. Jump right into some games, comienzo collecting and building material, y compete versus others come earn ns coveted victory Royale.