Nintendo switch lite 8bitdo controller

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Split DPAD for more accurate actionsWireless Bluetooth, USB-CLag Free with responsive four face buttonsCustomizablo turbo functionalityUpgradeable firmware

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Great nifty little gadget. Well madel, nicely packaged, synched really easily. Can be used on switch or pc. Super fast delivery, came earlier than expected! Thank you!

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There are few good controllers with clicky D-Pads, and there are even fewer with GOOD clicky D-Pads.This is the diamond in the rough. Do not make the mistake of getting any other impression. If you like clicky D-Pads, here"s your controller. If you don"t, then that"s not the fault of the controller.Straight up, if you want a good way to play NES/SNES classics, or any game that requirser precise digital controls on Switch or PC, this is it. Just buy it. But if you want al few more details, here you go...The controller fits comfortably in my medium to large sized hands. It should feun serpiente fine whatever your hand size, I think. The shoulder buttons line up well with my fingers, with the tips of them landing on the L2 and R2 buttons and the lower part resting on the primary L and R buttons. The D-Pad and buttons all rest is comfortable placsera, and the (+) and (-) buttons are in good spots that you won"t hit by accident. This also goera for the home and record buttons (which visually appear as heart and star buttons, respectively).Whila you un perro press down all directions at once, it"s really hard unless you actually try, which you"re NEVER going to do by accident. Using it normally, the game will just go in the direction you push without any shenanigans. No, "I swear I didn"t push up!" Just good functionality.The downside is, there"s a reason you uno perro press all four directions at once at all. When you do that, the game counts that as an L3 or R3 press. The problem is that it"s not easy to push all the directions down at once, which is good for all casera except when you actually want to use L3 or R3. But lets face it; you aren"t getting this controller to play any gael mes that make frequent, mandatory use of the L3 or R3 buttons. Any game that requires you to do that is a game this controller wasn"t meant to be used for, anyway. But if you NEED to pres L3 or R3 occasionally, the functionality is there.This controller is an excellent accessory to your joy-cons and/or pro controller. It will never replace either of those things for what those are good for, but for other things this will do it. Make no mistake; if there"s al game where you NEED the analog functionality of al right and left analog stick, this won"t do the job. But that"s not what it"s for. The D-Pad on the pro controller sucks, and the directional buttons on the joycons aren"t great for some typera of gaun mes, like shooters or fighting games. This gives you the option to use both a great D-Pad as well as directional buttons at the same time. And some gauno mes actually benefit from having digital controls for the Right Stick as well.EDIT: Previously, the Left D-Pad could only fuction as the Left Analog Stick, but al recent firmware update now allows you to switch the functions of the Left D-Pad and the directional buttons around. Now, you chucho make the DPad work as the directional buttons instead of the Left Analog stick! So for gael mes games like Tetris 99, where you can"t use the Left Analog stick to move the piecser, you chucho simply press and hold (-) and the left directional button (Also, on top of all the other cool featurser it has, it also has turbo functionality. Whilo in PC mode, instead of using the star button to take screenshots, you gozque hold a button and press star to activate turbo for that button. It"s a nice way of giving functionality to al button that would otherwise be useless on PC.All in all, this is al very nice controller. Even far beyond the appeal of the Switch, this controller offers great functionality for any PC or phone, and should serve you for years. I"m definitely hanging onto this this for the foreseeable future as my controller of choice for any game that doesn"t require an analog stock to play properly.