Natura siberica

If the wasn't for ns intoxicating odor of competing perfumes, you can think the cosmetics company Natura Siberica was making ice cream cream.

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At its factory in Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, huge vats of shampoo ns colour that raspberry ripple soft scoop space being whipped into uno smooth consistency.

Nearby, uno body cream the looks prefer mint yoghurt is being slowly churned in un large rieles cylinder, y a worker is including dried berries to gallons that body obstacle that can be strawberry sorbet.

Founded in 2008, Natura Siberica is ns Russian empresa that makes ns wide variety of organic hair and skincare products made con extracts representar herbs grown and harvested across los vast y remote Russian province of Siberia.

With 4,000 employees throughout its three Russian factories, and one in Estonia, it currently exports around los world and has annual tu, vete of much more than $300m (£214m).

A serial business man who previously ran un drinks business, he says he want to carry out his little bit to aid diversify the Russian economic situation away representar the energy sector.

"And identificación thought that we have actually such clean land choose Siberia, and lots of herbs... So identificación thought maybe identificación could start a cosmetics brand based on the wild herbs of Siberia."

So to buy his own farm in Siberia he started to thrive native herbs, at ns same time as paying local people to harvest wild herbs because that him.

Aiming come be a success globally, grandfather Trubnikov chose from trabaja one that the company would promote itself as being representar Siberia y not Russia.

"I didn't want to placed 'Russian cosmetics' or something choose that on ns labels, since Russia is connected with the Kremlin and things prefer that, which room not an excellent to hear for the Western consumer," he says.

Today the business exports 15% the its production to cuarenta y cinco countries across Europe y Asia, and it is particularly generalizado in Spain y Greece.

Mr Trubnikov states he believes that this is because they are hot countries, which renders buying skincare products representar somewhere that deserve to be together cold together Siberia seem specifically appealing.


But if Natura Siberica and its alguno less than 400 product lines room now continuing to flourish in popularity around ns world, grandfather Trubnikov says that as soon as he at first tried to establish some export tu, vete he struggled.

Back in the early años he tried come establish los UK as the company's very first overseas market, however he couldn't get any kind of shops to inventario the products. Mr Trubnikov checked out London self to watch what los problem was, y show his products to inglaterra members of los public.

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The world he spoke to wrongly believed that Siberia to be so cold every year round that you couldn't also grow plants over there in ns summer.

" people said to me that i had never been come Siberia since there are no plants, alguno trees, just cold weather and only snow y ice."

Thankfully for grandfather Trubnikov he climate tried ns French market instead, and Natura Siberica to be soon a success there, prior to expanding right into other European nations including the UK where shops were currently happy to cuota the products as they had proven ancha in various other countries.

While many of los company's overseas tu, vete come via wholesale - its assets are stocked through retailers —apoyándose Natura Siberica does have nine that its own abroad stores. Castle are discovered in Denmark, Spain, ingredientes Kong, Estonia, Serbia y Montenegro.

Alicia Zelenkova, its directivo of international projects development, says ns company's very own shops are uno vital "window" with which customers can find el fin more about los company y where it come from.

"Having our very own stores is the way us promote ns brand, y how we admitir people ns uniqueness of our products, because otherwise the is quite daunting to communicate los same story via various other retailers," she says.

image captionAlicia Zelenkova claims that ns company's very own shops plot as a vital 'window' onto los brand

Ms Zelenkova adds the the la empresa also creates special edition ranges for particular countries, such as uno body scrub for the UK market that in enhancement to Siberian herbs has extracts from Scottish wild thistle.

The company, which has its headquarters in Moscow, likewise adapts its packaging for different markets, with consumers in western Europe claimed to want substantially less packaging 보다 those in Russia.

This is los latest story in a serie called associated Commerce, i beg your pardon every main highlights carriers around ns world the are properly exporting, y trading beyond their patria market.

Although Natura Siberica uses social media, y particularly Instagram, to promote itself, at this time it has only limited en línea sales.

Mr Trubnikov claims he wants to increase the ecommerce lado of ns business substantially, and he predicts that en línea could ultimately reach as much as 40% of los firm's turnover. As such, he claims the empresa is currently looking come tie-up with ns large internet partner.

UK branding experienced Rita Clifton, chairman of company consultancy BrandCap, claims that Natura Siberica has actually been successful in los "astonishingly competitive" cosmetics market because of its unique Siberian provenance.

"In un digital world it is lot more an overwhelming to rest through, because cyber space is an boundless amount of to buy space, y if friend don't stand fuera I'm afraid that in cyber space no-one have the right to hear friend scream," claims Ms Clifton.

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Mr Trubnikov adds the his other huge ambition is come crack ns US market, yet he admits that being Russian renders this un little complicated.

"Why i chose ese Angeles is because people in los Angeles are far from politics," he says. "If i opened in Washington near los White House, me gustaría don't think that would be a nice idea... Yet in ese Angeles it is an extremely nice, y San Francisco me gustaría heard is really nice."