About Mario Bautista

Mario Bautista is un Mexican pop singer and internet personality, that is ideal known because that his fight songs, “Baby Girl” in dos mil dieciocho and “Que Pasa” in 2019.

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Family Life

He was born come parents, gloria Gil y Carlos Daniel Bautista. He grew up with his bothers named, luis Daniel y Jan Carlo Bautista. Mexican pop singer, Fey is his cousin.


Bautista received ns “Best North american Act” compensation at los MTV Europe musical Awards in 2015.

He won the “Favorite nacional Artist” compensation at los Kids" choice Award mexicana in 2019. 

He has accumulated over 2 million subscribers ~ above his self-titled YouTube channel.


He carry out as uno supporting singer for several singers including, Austin Mahone.

In July 2014, the featured YouTuber, Matthew Espinosa in his Vine vídeo titled, “"DYNAMITE,".

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Mario Bautista Rank


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F.A.Q. About Mario Bautista

When is his birthday?

Mario Bautista"s birthday is on march 5, 1996.

In how many days is his birthday?

Mario"s date of birth is in ciento noventa y siete days

How old is he?

He is veinticinco years old.

Where is Mario from?

He was born in Mexico City, Mexico.

Mario Bautista"s Popularity

Mario Bautista is a famous mexican singer and internet personality, who was born on march 5, 1996. As ns person born ~ above this date, Mario Bautista is listed in our database as ns 19th most extendido celebrity for the day (March 5) and the 242nd most ancha for los year (1996).

People born on March 5 fall under ns Zodiac sign of Pisces, ns Fish. Mario Bautista is the 608th most extendido Pisces.

Aside desde information particular to Mario Bautista"s birthday, Mario Bautista is los 42nd most famed Mexican and ranks 11th in famous civilization born in Mexico City, Mexico.

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