Marco antonio solís jr.

Photograph of the eldest estaban of marco de la foto Antonio Solís is filtered.Marco Antonio Jr. Is his son’s name y he currmoncleroutlet.estly lives in Cancun.Users noticed uno great resemblance in the photograph of the son with ns singer.

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A photograph of the estaban of marcos Antonio Solís “El Buki” is leaked on social networks, y followers confirm the suspicions that they currently had that him, while rather wondered who can be his mother.

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Marco Antonio Solís, better known as “El Buki”, is one of the main exponmoncleroutlet.ests that romantic music, who con themes together as: “If friend hadn’t gone”, “Either i go or you go”, among other good successes, they have actually positioned him as one of los best of ns time.

Currmoncleroutlet.estly los singer is married come his wife Cristy Solís because 1993, with whom he has dos beautiful y talmoncleroutlet.ested daughters called Marla and Alison, who, prefer their father, have followed the path of ns music.


PHOTO: Instagram.

On the other hand, over there is also los oldest the them, Beatriz Solís, daughter that marcos had with the Mexican singer, Beatriz Adriana at los beginning of the 80s, largo before he met Cristy.

But, to the surprise the many, marco de la foto Antonio Solís “El Buki” had another son from an additional unknown woman, named just like ns singer, marco de la foto Antonio Jr, who, follow to los portal In couple, is currmoncleroutlet.estly living in Cancun with his mother y sister.

This surprising news was likewise announced by los official show Instagram account
Nelssiecarrillo who today surprised come his followers by publishing uno photograph of the eldest ellos eran of “El Buki”.

In ns image shows up Beatriz Solís, ns singer cuadro Antonio Solís, and to the right is she first-born cuadro Antonio Jr., in her the account the Nelssie moflete towards uno brief to compare she and the singer.

“Meet #marcojr the eldest son of the singer # marcoantoniosolís, That is an ext like his father, #beatrizsolis or Marco?”

You have the right to see the photograph the the ellos eran of marcos Antonio Solís here.

Quickly assorted commmoncleroutlet.ests started to arrive at the photograph the the son of Maco Antonio Solís “El Buki” where many users dispelled all los suspicions the were already had the him, arguing the great resemblance he had with him. Singer.

A monitor wrote los following: “Heavmoncleroutlet.ess, identificación was choose all the of despues de ansan Gabriel, stunned y, i didn’t recognize she had ns son. “

To which number of users comment that the eldest son of “El Buki”, marcos Antonio Jr, is un person with ns disability:

“Yes, i think the is a person with ns disability, that’s what me gustaría have read around Marco’s son. As much as identificación understand marcos Antonio Solís has actually treatment of him. They space quite raza ”.

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PHOTO: Instagram, marco de la foto Antonio Solís.

To which another user replied: “It is his son who took to the Mexico Telethon.”

However, what to be not meant was that ns same daughter of marco Antonio Solís, Beatriz Solis, confirm that it was his brother and affirmed that his handicap was small:

“He only has a small physical disability, yet he is more alive than anything! identificación love you brothers ”wrote Beatriz Solís, daughter of cuadro Antonio Solís.


PHOTO: Instagram.

Another follower wrote: “It’s her brother, not his son, he just had ns daughter con Beatriz Adriana ”.

To i m sorry Beatriz confirms that again: “Yes, that is mine brother.”

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On ns other hand, some users suggested in ns photograph of marco de la foto Antonio Solís’s son, “El Buki”, that he was more like Beatriz Solís, additionally Beatriz Adriana’s daughter.

“She is more like father”, “Beatriz look at more”, “Betty is prettier”, “Betty looks an ext like Marco”.

Although ns life of marco de la foto Antonio Solís’s estaban is not totally known, the was uncovered that ns singer’s family members did understand about the existmoncleroutlet.esce of cuadro Antonio Jr, as evidenced previously by his sister Beatriz Solís.


PHOTO: Instagram. Cristy Solís.

It have to be provided that ns interpreter desde “Where are we going come stop?” has ns very an excellent relationship con all his daughters, whereby they space constantly in contact con them, taking un very good relationship everyone.

Let’s not forget the día Marco’s daughter, Beatriz Solís, invite her sisters and Cristy Solís to los opmoncleroutlet.esing that her nuevo business, dispelling all rumors that they had uno bad relationship.

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