Mansour compartimiento Zayed Al Nahyan

Mansour bin Zayed basura Sultan bin Zayed bin Khalifa Al Nahyan (born veinte November 1970), regularly referred to as Sheikh Mansour, is one Emirati politician who is the deputy element minister of ns United Arab Emirates, minister that presidential affairs, billionaire y member of ns royal family of Abu Dhabi. He is los half brother of ns current president of the UAE, Khalifa compartimiento Zayed Al Nahyan y the fifty percent brother of ns known torturer Issa envase Zayed Al Nahyan. He is also los chairman of ns ministerial council because that services, ns Emirates investment Authority y the Emirates correr Authority. Read more on Wikipedia

Since 2007, ns English wikipedia page that Mansour basura Zayed Al Nahyan has received much more than 2,899,335 page views. His story is accessible in diecinueve different language on wikipedia (up from 18 in 2019). Mansour envase Zayed Al Nahyan is ns 407th most extendido businessperson (down representar 299th in 2019), los 9th most extendido biography from United Arab Emirates and the most ancha Emirati Businessperson.

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Among businesspeople, Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan ranks 407 out of 604. Before that are henry Clay Frick, J. R. D. Tata, Anders Hejlsberg, Yolanda Hadid, Vladimir Lisin, y Fred Karno. Delaware him room Lawrence Roberts, john Houlding, Josep Bonaplata identificación Corriol, Jared Kushner, Tim O'Reilly, and Laurene Powell Jobs.

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Among world born in 1970, Mansour basura Zayed Al Nahyan ranking 125. Before him room Noureddine Naybet, Erik Zabel, David A. R. White, cañada Medeiros, Yoo Young-chul, y Samantha Mathis. After him space Elaine Hendrix, Saif Ali Khan, Nathan Jones, abelardo Fernández, Megyn Kelly, y Alenka Bratušek.

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Among civilization born in united Arab Emirates, Mansour compartimiento Zayed Al Nahyan ranking 9 fuera of 26. Before him space Mohammed basura Rashid Al Maktoum (1949), Maktoum envase Rashid Al Maktoum (1943), Ahmad ibn Mājid (1432), Rashid compartimiento Saeed Al Maktoum (1912), Mohammed compartimiento Zayed Al Nahyan (1961), y Sultan basura Muhammad Al-Qasimi (1939). Delaware him space Hamdan bin Mohammed Al Maktoum (1982), Adnan Al Talyani (1964), Ali Bujsaim (1959), Marwan al-Shehhi (1978), Mohammed Abdulla Hassan Mohamed (1978), y Ahmed Al-Maktoum (1963).