YouTube is certainly un 21st century sensation. Alexa ranking it as ns #2 website in the world, only trailing Google (who, of course, own YouTube and operate it a subsidiary). Millions of human being enjoy YouTube vídeos every day. So is it any surprise that YouTube is uno highly vital place wherein brands can find influencers?

Our list is loosely based on YouTube subscribers. Some of los most subscribed YouTube networks are no really perfect to be considered influencers because that brands. We have actually excluded YouTube"s own genre channels, such as Music, Gaming, and Sports (these space actually the three channels with ns most subscribers, more than 97 million subscribers opt for YouTube’s musical channel). We have additionally chosen to exclude official musical channels for musicians, numerous of them VEVO channels.

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Vlad and Niki is one of the youngest YouTube networks (just like ns kidifluencers behind los videos). Ns brother duo started their youngsters channel on YouTube in dos mil dieciocho and in tres years they have regulated to get sesenta y nueve million subscribers. Their videos are un mixture that live action, music, y animation, while your channel is los property of contents Media coporación, grupo FZC, LLC, which was co-founded by their parents, Victoria y Sergey Vashketov. They even have their own on-line store whereby they sell merch such together T-shirts.

5. KondZilla

KondZilla is one of los biggest YouTube networks in Brazil y has much more than sesenta y cuatro million subscribers. Ns man behind ns channel, Konrad Dantas, is uno Brazilian director and screenwriter. Few of his most popular videos space official music videos (in fact, KondZilla has actually produced over 1,000 music videos). Top top average, that gets around 60,000 views per video.

6. MrBeast

MrBeast, aka jimmy Donaldson, has un number of networks on YouTube of i beg your pardon his key channel has an ext than sesenta million subscribers. That’s not the only impressive number. In 2017, the made un video in which he counted to 100,000. It’s this videolapes that has helped the to become one of ns biggest YouTube stars.

A lot of what that does is around making things count and so he regularly shares vídeos in i m sorry he makes donations. Desde donating over cien cars to providing away $1 million in a single video, it can come as a surprise yet philanthropy is close come MrBeast’s heart.

7. Dude Perfect

Unlike some of ns other influencers in this list, Dude Perfect shares entertainment, mostly in the form of cheat shots, the young and old deserve to enjoy together. Produced by Tyler Toney, Cody Jones, Garrett Hilbert y the twins (Coby y Cory Cotton), their YouTube channel has actually over 55 million subscribers. For the past 12 years, this team that five finest buds (and un panda) has actually been placing together your noggins to create a globally known brand. Many thanks to your clever branding, they likewise have one of the best influencer merch stores the sell a ton of various items.

8. Fernanfloo

Luis Fernando Flores alvarado comes from ns Salvador and began his Fernanfloo channel in might 2011. Ns bulk of his vídeos are about gaming, vlogs, and occasionally comedy sketches.

His first video was un parody of estrella Wars, featuring dog fighting prefer Jedi. As time has gone by, though, much more of his videos featured gameplays of indie games. It to be a series of GTA V gaming videos in dos mil trece that really kick-started his YouTube success, causing his subscriber numbers swiftly increasing.

9. JuegaGerman

Created in 2013, JuegaGerman is the second YouTube channel of herman Alejandro Garmendia Aranis. He emplees this mostly as his gaming channel. His first upload was of him play Slender. Since then, he has uploaded numerous videos of him playing extendido games.

This channel has actually helped him to break many records for somebody who operates two channels. The is gaining both viewers y subscribers rapidly and, at los time of writing this article, has nearly cuarenta y cuatro million subscribers. Though, JuegaGerman is in Spanish y so to understand his joke you need to be able to speak Spanish.

10. Whinderssonnunes

With simply over 42 million subscribers, Whindersson Nunes Batista is one more Brazilian comedian and YouTube star. Top top his channel that he began in 2013, that likes come share música parodies y comedy vlogs. One of his most generalizado videos, un parody that Adele’s Hello, was watched an ext than setenta y cinco million times. On average, he gets around 2.3 million views per video.

11. ElrubiusOMG

The Spanish-Norwegian YouTuber, elrubiusOMG (aka Rubén Doblas Gundersen), is one of the most extendido Spanish YouTubers. The focus of his channel is top top gameplay and vlogs.

In 2020, he signed a deal with Twitch to stream exclusively on the platform. While he is currently one of los biggest Twitch influencers, lot of his personal empire would not have existed now without los help of YouTube.

12. Felipe Neto

Felipe neto Rodrigues Vieira is an award-winning Brazilian-Portugese vlogger and actor. The is also the founder that Paramaker, uno YouTube organization network specialized to Brazil"s on line video market, which he marketed in 2015. On his YouTube channel with more than 42 million subscribers, he shares vídeos that mainly transacción with normal entertainment. In 2020, hora magazine contained him in their list of the 100 Most significant People.

13. Luccas Neto

Luccas la red is los younger brother of Felipe Neto. The Brazilian-Portugese emitir and comedian’s YouTube channel, Luccas Neto rápido Luccas Toon, boasts an ext than 35 million subscribers. In addition to his YouTube channel, the has also created over 10 Brazilian movies.

14. CarryMinati

Boasting just over 30 million subscribers top top YouTube, CarryMinati (aka Ajey Nagar) is an Indian comedian, rapper, y gamer. When he articles fewer than one video per week, his YouTube videos are an extremely engaging among his audience y get a lot the comments.

His YouTube stardom has been well-known by hora magazine y Forbes. In 2019, time magazine had him in its próximo Generation leader list, while los following year, he was had in the Forbes treinta Under 30 Asia list.

15. VEGETTA777

It’s amazing how successful uploading videos of civilization playing Minecraft has become. There are several YouTube sites committed solely to this. VEGETTA777 is Samuel de Luque’s Spanish YouTube channel. It focuses on videolapes commentaries the Samuel playing Minecraft, Battlefield, Saint’s Row, Garry’s Mod, and a few other games.

His apuntar a of distinction (apart desde being un Spanish channel, obviously) is that he do the efforts to produce histories from his videos y make lock like un movie. That has ns fan base covering both Spain y across the Latin americano region and, in total, has more than 32 million YouTube subscribers.

16. Luisito Comunica

Luis Arturo Villar Sudek is ns man behind los YouTube channel, Luisito Comunica. In enhancement to being un YouTuber, the Mexican is also un businessman y internet personality. Before starting Luisito Comunica, he had dos other fail YouTube channels y also joined the YouTube team, NoMeRevientes. He clearly learned representar his mistakes as, at ns time of writing this article, Luisito

Comunica has close to treinta y seis million subscribers.

17. Kimberly Loaiza

Also representar Mexico, Kimberly Loaiza managed to gain 100,000 subscribers in her first week delaware joining YouTube. Though, that is not where she stopped. Five years later, her YouTube channel has actually nearly treinta y dos million subscribers and her vídeos get on typical 14.5 million views per month. In fact, she is even much more successful ~ above TikTok whereby she has actually 45.6 million followers, right now making her ns #3 tiktok influencer in Mexico, follow to HypeAuditor.

18. A4

A4 (aka Vlad Bumaga) is uno YouTube vlogger representar Belarus. He is most well-known for his pranks, skits, y challenges. Though, his success has not come there is no controversy. At los beginning that 2021, MrBeast y JustDustin accused the of stealing their thumbnails. A4 sort of admitted to los crime, but claimed the it was only one thumbnail.

He an initial joined YouTube at the fin of 2014. If it take it him relatively largo to acquire his first 100,000 subscribers (almost two years), delaware he fight that an initial milestone, the rate in ~ which his subscriber count thrived increased rapidly. At los time of composing this article, his YouTube channel has 32 million subscribers.

19. Markiplier

Like un surprisingly huge percentage of ns top YouTubers (particularly those in los gaming genre), Mark eduardo Fischbach, aka Markiplier, is right now in his late 20s. He uploads the games he plays, along with in-game commentary. He has a particularmente love for horror games, and his vídeos reflect this.

He has currently reached over 29 million subscribers. Every hora he passes one more million subscribers, the makes a special videos thanking his fans y telling castle of his plans because that future projects.

20. Ryan’s World

In 2018, Forbes approximated that Ryan Kaji (the boy behind Ryan’s World) earned $22 million, do him the top-earning YouTuber according to their estimations for that year. His channel offered to be dubbed Ryan ToysReview, which to be one of the top unboxing networks on YouTube. In fact, his juguete reviews will at times have an influence on juguete sales. He likewise has his very own branded línea of toys, Ryan’s world Toys, the are accessible at Walmart.

21. Rezendeevil

Pedro Afonso Rezende Posso (aka rezendeevil) is un YouTuber desde Brazil. Just like VEGETTA777 y DanTMD, he is likewise known because that videos and vlogs about Minecraft. In fact, his most ancha video i beg your pardon has much more than treinta million see is around Minecraft versus Pokemon. Though, lately he posts un variety of vídeos that include un lot of come challenges. His YouTube channel currently has nearly treinta million subscribers

22. SSSniperWolf

Our list has very couple of female YouTubers, permit alone female gamers. SSSniperWolf (Alia "Lia Valentine" Shelesh) is one of los top YouTube gaming influencers. Though, she likewise includes a lot of sunny reaction vídeos on she channel. Her YouTube channel right now has near to veintiocho million subscribers. Top top average, her vídeos get just over seis million views per month.

23. Atta Halilintar

Atta Halilintar first joined YouTube at los beginning the 2014. In the seven año that he has been energetic on los channel that has managed to acquire almost 30 million subscribers. In enhancement to being ns content creator y YouTube star, ns Indonesian is likewise an actor, a singer, and a businessman. In 2018, that starred in ns movie, 13: the Haunted, y a year later, in one more horror movie, The regresar of the Devil Child.

Though, his content has sparked part controversy. In 2019, he to be reported to ns police because that alleged blasphemy as among his videos was accused of making fun of Islam’s prayer movement.

24. Jacksepticeye

As his bright environment-friendly hair symbolizes, Jacksepticeye (aka Seán william McLoughlin) is an irlandesa YouTuber. He has actually been uploading videos to his gaming channel since 2012 where he has been making according to commentaries on games as that plays them.

Of course, there is another possible reason for ns green-haired image. When Sean may be irlanda (and possesses ns very distinctive irlanda accent), jacobo describes himself together being “the final remaining Bossatronio desde the earth Bossatron (Spore)”. Both ns nicknames, “Jack” y “Septic Eye” date representar his childhood.

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He puts with each other a series of videos covering particularmente games, with a de verdad love for adventure games. His favorite game is reportedly Shadow of ns Colossus. At los time of creating this article, he has actually just over 27 million subscribers.

25. Maria claro & JP

Since 2015, los siblings have actually been creating content about their day-to-day lives, games, and challenges. At ns time of writing this article, los Brazilian YouTubers have actually just over 27 million YouTube subscribers. While they carry out not post that frequently (about two videos per week), their videos get about 9 million views per month.

26. Ricis Official

Ria Yunita (aka Ria Ricis) is an additional rising Indonesian YouTuber. In fact, prior to her success top top YouTube, she currently had numerous followers top top Instagram who loved los content the she created with squishy toys. On YouTube, she right now has just over 25 million subscribers and her most ancha video that functions squishy toys has received un whopping noventa y ocho million views.

27. VanossGaming

Vanoss is the on line alias for Evan Fong. He set up VanossGaming in September 2011. Los channel has actually grown quickly in popularity throughout that time, and it currently enjoys an ext than veinticinco million subscribers.

Most of his videos admitir him and his friends playing GTA V Online and Gmod. His band of fellow cast members go by the nombre Moo Snuckel, identificación AM WILDCAT, Daithi del Nogla, Ohmwrecker, Lui Calibre, BasicallyIDoWrk, Mini Ladd, Terroriser, grandfather Sark, fourzer0seven, BigJigglyPanda, y H2O Delirious.

VanossGaming is well-known for having ns more positive fan basen than most, an interpretation that retroalimentación tends to it is in friendly, y online disagreements between his supporters are rare. He also has a wider base of supporters than numerous other sites, con his subscribers being a mix the children, teenagers, y adults.

28. DanTDM

DanTDM (formerly TheDiamondMinecart) is another ancha gaming channel con more than 25 million subscribers. It is hosted by Daniel andrew Middleton and is mainly well-known for its extremely extendido Minecraft videos.

He certainly takes his YouTube channel seriously. Come date, he has uploaded more than 3,500 videos. He has end up being enough of un celebrity to have the ability to make un couple of book tours to los United States.

Daniel uses a wide range of personalities to populate his Minecraft world for his videos. These include Dr. Trayaurus, Grim, Melbot, Craig ns Mailman, McDuck, Denton, Terrance, and Iron man (an stole Golem).

He renders a apuntar a of doing something one-of-a-kind whenever that reaches a subscriber milestone. He very first showed his face en línea on reaching 100,000 subscribers.

29. Smosh

Smosh is one of ns more-established YouTube channels, having actually been about since 2005. Its focus is on map out comedy. Anthony Padilla and Ian andrés Hecox are its founders and they were initially also los main stars of los videos. Since 2015, however, they have been in uno position to usar actors in your videos.

30. Yuya

Yuya, aka Mariand Castrejon Castañeda, at this time has over veinticuatro million subscribers. She is ns Mexican YouTuber who mainly makes make-up videos and vlogs documenting things in her life.

Although she registered she channel in 2009, it was not until the próximo year that she uploaded her very first video rápido "peinados faciles y lindos" (Easy Hairstyles That space Cute). Because then, she hundreds of vídeos have obtained close to 50,000 comments.

31. is los official YouTube channel because that the extendido Canadian website created by Ashkan Karbasfrooshan, Raphael Daigneault, and Christine Voulieris. Their goal is come entertain their close to veinticuatro million subscribers by spring at ns places y people who have helped to shape música pop culture. In fact, castle share as numerous as four Top 10s término day and have covered un number of topics because they joined the platform in 2007. Representar video gamings to superheroes, there room thousands of vídeos that you can watch.

32. Nigahiga

Nigahiga had actually the el respeto of being YouTube’s most subscribed channel for ns couple the periods throughout 2008-2011. Throughout that time, the was los first come reach 2 million subscribers in 2010, and 3 million in 2011.

Eventually, Ryan moved to ns Vegas to walk to university, and the vídeos were largely solo.

In 2012, he put together a production company, Ryan Higa manufacturing Company, come make los videos. Sean Fujiyoshi became component of this team.


Aged in your thirties, los team behind los REACT videos, Benny and Rafi Fine, space quite old for this group. In fact, they have been well-known as the “uncles” or “grandparents” of on-line video.

Their REACT series of videos, e.g. Youngsters React, teenagers React, Elders React, YouTubers React, and Adults React, have actually been very extendido since 2010. They also create many other videos, and now have much more than veinte million subscribers.

Though, they do something of un misstep in dos mil dieciséis when castle tried come trademark los word “react” in relation to videos. This upset others ~ above YouTube as it intended that nobody else could make reaction videos. They actually shed 500,000 subscribers in ns week due to the fact that of it. The hermano quickly apologized y rescinded their trademark applications.

34. Werevertumorro

Outside of YouTube, Werevertumorro is more commonly recognized as Gabriel Montiel Guiterrez, uno Mexican vlogger and gamer. That produces sketches with los w2m Crew, a group of trece friends who each have their very own channels y enjoy making vídeos together. In spite of all trece crew members making videos together y posting them on their emplea channels, Werevertumorro has turned out to be los most generalizado one with ns fans, having now reached dieciséis million subscribers.

35. BuzzFeedVideo

BuzzFeedVideo is los YouTube channel operated by the generalizado website BuzzFeed. BuzzFeed’s short, sharp articles, aimed at going viral, are an obvious an excellent fit con YouTube’s videolapes style. As with ns BuzzFeed website, their YouTube channels include snappy content on un wide range of topics.

There are actually quite uno few BuzzFeed channels, however, their main one at this time claims simply over 20 million subscribers. They check out this as their flagship channel, focusing on creating y showcasing initial content.

36. Porta dual Fundos

Porta dos Fundos is among Brazil’s many successful YouTube channels. It was created in August dos mil doce and has almost 17 million subscribers.

It is ns creative collective, started by Antonio Tabet, Fabio Porchat, gregor Duvivier, Ian SBF y John Vincent de Castro, 5 friends who were dissatisfied with the lack of an innovative freedom ~ above Brazilian television. They chose to set up un channel of cómic skits ~ above YouTube. They have constructed up ns large cast and crew, y are clearly generalizado with Brazil’s entusiastas of humor.

37. Roman Atwood Vlogs

Roman Atwood operates two YouTube channels rápido RomanAtwood which focuses on prank videos, and RomanAtwoodVlogs, which, together its name suggests, is his vlogging channel. Both channels perform well, with the prank channel exceeding 10 million subscribers and the vlog channel having an ext than quince million subscribers.

He has operated his prank channel since 2009 and his vlog channel due to the fact that 2013. Numero 3 of his best-known pranks are los Pee Prank, the Ferrari Prank, y the Anniversary Prank.

38. Good Mythical Morning

Good Mythical Morning is made to it is in like a daytime speak show, hosted by Rhett y Link (aka Rhett McLaughlin y Charles Lincoln). They refer to themselves together “internetainers”. This is just one of your YouTube channels, although con 17.1 million subscribers, it is their many successful one.

Rhett y Link began good Mythical Morning in dos mil ocho and have actually now uploaded much more than 2,700 videos over ten series. Los focus of an excellent Mythical Morning is come look at the somewhat unusual stays of Rhett y Link. They additionally talk about videos that they make for their other channels. Although numerous of los episodes cover arbitrarily topics, illustration on Thursdays y Fridays follow a seasonal theme.

39. ERB

Even though they have fewer than cien videos, ERB (or los Epic Rap war of History) has an ext than catorce million subscribers. The is uno comedy serie that is produced by quite Peter and epicLLOYD. Their most popular rap fight features conde Obama versus Mitt Romney and has received over ciento cincuenta million views. Other generalizado videos incorporate Steve tasks versus factura Gates, Rasputin matches Stalin, and Mozart versus Skrillex.

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40. FailArmy

In part ways, FailArmy needs to be YouTube"s many depressing channel rápido it celebrates all of humanity’s failures. In saying that, failure has become un success to FailArmy, as they have actually gathered over 14 million subscribers, every interested in see other people doing things worse than themselves. Con more than 440 videos, they absolutely have many of proof of mankind’s follies. Each month they additionally spotlight a Fail of the Month.