Leighton meester and sebastian stan

Gossip Girl no only offered us great t.v. That fanes still binge mirar to this day, but it likewise gave united state some memorable early 2000"s couples, too! entusiastas still can"t get gastos generales the fact that Serena and Dan (Blake Lively y Penn Badgley) likewise dated off camera! There was also los real-life romance between Jessica Szohr y Ed Westwick, that played Vanessa and Chuck, respectively. Yet what around queen bee Blair? actor Leighton Meester may have eventually finished up con an O.C. alum but from dos mil ocho until 2010, she dated Marvel estrella Sebastian Stan, who had ns recurring role on Gossip Girl as sumidero Baizen.

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Now the your head has quit spinning representar these Gossip Girl actors hookups, let"s comment on Meester y Stan"s relationship. According to InStyle, los two met on the set of los hit teen dando but weren"t romantically attached until Page Six reported the they "couldn"t keep their hands off of every other" at un magazine party.

After that, lock couldn"t protect against gushing around each other. Stan stated (via People), "I"m a really happy guy. She"s ns most interesting, sophisticated, talented y an incredibly funny human that identificación know." according to Us Weekly, Meester referred to Stan as her "best friend" y "boyfriend," y even speak about uno special gift he gave her informing Buzznet, "He told the artist around me, my favorite colors and poetry and she painted uno large very special summary work identificación have hanging in mine dining room." 

So, what can have unable to do wrong between ns twosome?

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Leighton Meester didn't favor being in relationships

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Gossip Girl gave fans some juicy de verdad life romances, but sadly none seemed to work out, together was los case for Leighton Meester and Sebastian Stan, that played Blair Waldorf and Carter Baizen on the show, respectively. Ns couple dubbed it quits in the spring that 2010. According to OK! (via InStyle) it to be Meester who referred to as it turn off with los I, Tonya emitir because she apparently didn"t choose being in relationships. She reiterated this come Seventeen (via People) saying, "I"ve never ever really favored anybody before. Even when me gustaría would date guys, it would type of be on ns surface y it was always un relief once we damaged up." 

When it came to Stan she added, "I"ve only had actually one experience where it was really hard and I was really sad once it ended." While the breakup seemed to it is in on her terms, entusiastas speculated the her 2014 song "Heartstrings" was about Stan delaware she said (via Bustle), "It supplied to be about some stupid breakup that i had when i was 25 or previously ... At los time it was like," Screw you, identificación don"t care around you anymore, y it"s not going come happen! Joker."

Meester ultimately moved on come husband Adam Brody, that played Seth Cohen ~ above The O.C. As for the Avengers star, together of this writing, he"s supposedly dating model Alejandra Onieva. Meester and Stan may have been un hot Gossip Girl ser romance yet it appears the two were never ever "endgame."