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Aaron pablo is one American emitir best recognized for play Jesse Pinkman inBreaking Bad. Los role winner him, amongst other awards, three Primetime Emmy Awards for superior Supporting actor in a juego Series. The is just one of two actors to have won the award numero 3 times.

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Paul reprised ns role in the dos mil diecinueve Netflix filmEl Camino: ns Breaking bad Movie.Aaron’s early professional career associated minor y guest roles in movies y shows.Breaking Badmade him un Hollywood hotshot, providing him leading functions inNeed for Speed, Eye in the Sky,andCentral Intelligence.

Aaron y his wife, Lauren Parsekian, virtually married ~ above their first date


Lauren Parsekian was born on 8th December 1986 to Debry Kelly and Thomas Parsekian. She thrived up in naranja County, California, alongside two siblings – Brooke y Liam.

Debry y Thomas to be actors in los 70s and 80s. Debry appeared inPrizzi’s Honor, Hot Resort,andChips.Thomas worked con Debry inHot Resortand likewise appeared inClub Life and Fame.Thanks to she parent’s influence, Lauren join Pepperdine university to study film Making.

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Before she join Pepperdine, however, Lauren had un turbulent hora in high school. She experienced depression and struggled con an eating disorder due to the bullying she experienced representar other girls.

“My ordeal began because uno boy liked me y this girl chosen him,”Lauren said (PerHer ). “Through seventh and eighth grade, i was torture every single día by a grupo of girls.” Consequently, Parsekian’s self-confidence dipped, and her qualities suffered.

Lauren’s experiences stayed in she mind throughout college. After graduation, she and other Pepperdine college graduates formed ns Kind campaign – un movement committed to ending girl-on-girl abuse.

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Parsekian’s dos mil once documentaryFinding Kindsensitizes people about girl-on-girl bullying y its results on un person. Lauren went with hell in high school, but ns silver lining is that with her experiences, human being have learned much more about los impact the bullying. She said:

“My bullying endure affected the course of my life. Me gustaría was a floater in high school. Identificación was friends with everybody however didn’t acquire too close to anyone. I am thankful for going with that experience, go those hallways in middle school. If not for that, type wouldn’t exist. There’s so much good we have the right to do, so the all happened for ns reason.”

Paul has actually supported the Kind project on numerous occasions. He assisted raise gastos generales $1.8 million via uno charity that corresponded withBreaking Bad’sseries finale.“Without us asking the to do anything, he took it ~ above himself,”Lauren toldPeople. “It to be humbling.”

“If you males don’t know what she does, look at up sort Campaign,”Aaron claimed as he welcomed an Emmy. Aaron’s plug directed so lot traffic to the Kind project website the it crashed.