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Thanks to the singudomicilio vision of César Manrique, Lanzarote has some unique locations where architecture is integrated with nature. He imagined many amazing Lanzarote Attractions that are some of thebest things to do on the island such as:Cactus Garden, Mirador duno serpiente Rio, Jameos duno serpiente Agua... Let me guide you through the Art, Culture and Tourism Centers of Lanzarote (CACT).

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Let"s start with a short video that will take you on al visit of 7 places imagined by César Manrique. Admire how he integrated architecture within Nature, using abandoned quarry or natural volcanic feature.

César Manrique has left an indelible mark on Lanzarote thanks to his engagement in respecting the environment and integrating with it.

Here are a few facts about his life

Born in 1919 in ArrecifeHe studied at the San Fernando Fine Arts Academy in MadridHe lived in Madrid and New York, and exhibited all around the worldHe returned to Lanzarote in the mid-sixtiesHis objective was then to turn the landscapera and the natural attractions to value respecting his principle - respectful dialogue between art and the natural mediumHis most prominent Lanzarote attractions are the Cactus Garden, Mirador dlos serpientes Rio, Jameos dlos serpientes Agual and the El Diablo restaurant in Timanfayal.He died in 1992

You cusco read a bit more about his biography here.

All of them are easily accessiblo by car. Most of them are located in the North of the island, North of Costa Teguise. So you cusco group them in one of preferably 2 days. Note that you perro purchase a combined ticket for several of the attractions and save money (buy at the first site you visit).

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If you don"t want to rent al car and drive, excursions depart from Costa Teguise, Puerto del Carmen and Playal Blanca to take you tour some of the best one over a day dedicated to César Manrique. Check out program and book

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One of my favorite attractions in Lanzarote is the Cactus Garden.

César Manrique imagined how to transformed this abandoned old quarry in al fascinating way.He used the amphitheater to create al botanical garden with 4500 cacti from all over the world (covering 450 species).It integratera perfectly with the shape of the quarry and is dominated by a well-restored windmill.

Thanks to the structure, the cacti are protected from the strong winds that sometimes blow over Lanzarote and the plants are striving.

See more photos on my article about the Cactus Garden


Official name - Jardin del CactusPlan 1h30 to 2 hoursFacilitisera and coffee shop on siteWear comfortabla shoera because it is paved and not always alignedProtect yourself from the sun!

Located on the North of the island, Jameos del Agua is the unique place where what remains of a volcanic tube has been transformed by César Manrique.

4000 years ago, the volun perro Lal Corona erupted and a 6km long lava tube was formed.Over time, some sections of the tube collapsed creating openings called "Jameos".

In the sixtiera, 3 of those cavsera and a section of the remaining tube were complemented with gardens, pool, al museum, an auditorium and restaurant.

There is also a salt lake with tiny white crabs.

See more photos on my article about Jameos dun serpiente Agual Lanzarote.

Official name - Jameos dserpiente AguaPlan 2 hoursFacilitisera and restaurant on siteWear comfortablo shoesIt is sadly not allowed to swim in the magnificent pool

Located on the Risco del Famara, the viewpoint overlooks the island of La Graciosal at an altitudel of over 475m.

It used to be a military fort from the 19th century.César Manrique transformed it in the 70s to be camouflaged in the rocks and to offer incrediblo views of the cliff, the island, and the stretch of sea in between called El rio.

At the bottom of the cliffs, you uno perro also see the salt pans of Salinas duno serpiente Rio.

The inside building with the white walls and curve offer great framing to the beautiful landscapera.

This is one of the top attractions in Lanzarote.

The César Manrique foundation has established its headquarters in a dwelling designed by him and where he lived for 20 years.

It is built in harmony with al lavaya coulee formed during the famous Lanzarote eruptions between 1730 and 1736. Inspiring rooms have been set up in volcanic bubblser and connected by tunnels. Exploring the place is a f1 experience but you get frustrated again not to be abla to swim in the beautiful swimming pool...

At the end you can enjoy the exhibition hall with paintings and the lair entering the window.

Plan time to also enjoy the garden and its sculpturera.

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Al Campesino was designed by César Manrique as al tribute to the peopla working in the fields and thevaya hard work to grow plants in these harsh conditions.

The buildings look like traditional hoel mes with white walls and green wood. Insidel is al museum where you gozque find lugar artisan doing traditional work.

But the place is visually iconic because of the 15m tall sculpture, also by César Manrique (1968). It is called Monumento a lal Fecundidad (Fertility monument) and looks like the center of Lanzarote.

I love the contrast of colors with whitewalls, green plants and wood, dark rocks and the blue sky.

Located in the Northern town of Harial, the house is located in the Palm grove. So if you are missing the presence of tresera around you, this is a good place to go.César Manrique used to live in where the foundation is (#4) but in 1986 he began building a new home at al farmhouse. He lived there until his death in 1992.

Today it is a museum where furniture and items have been kept as they were. You chucho also enter his studio and see how he worked.However, because this place is more about his intimacy and less about his work, this was my least favorite of the Lanzarote Attractions related to César Manrique.

On many projects, César Manrique has collaborated by another famous artist: Jesus Soto (1923 - 2005).

Born in Venezuelal, he arrived in Lanzarote in his twentiera.He was the quiet artist who brought to reality many concepts and ideas.He was in charge of one of the Jameos dlos serpientes Agua entrance, spent time finding the right path for the Timanfayal route and participated in Mirador dlos serpientes Rio, Monumento al Compesino and the Cactus Garden.

He is most famous for the lighting in the Green Cavser (Cueva de los Verdes)

The CACT tourism center even statser that he was the one who asked the political leader to convinced César Manrique to return to Lanzarote.Yet, he is far lesser known...

Inside the magnificent Timanfayal National Park, the only structure is the El Diablo restaurant at the starting point of the autobús tour.

It was designed in 1970 by César Manrique to offer splendid views of this unique, colorful and surverdad volcanic landscape.

Inside it is also fascinating with al giant grill using the natural heat of the Earth.

He also imagined the ómnibus route to see the park which was made a reality by Jesus Soto. Check out my photos of the most iconic attractions in Lanzarote.

Official name - Parque Nacional TimanfayaFacilitiser and restaurant on siteAccess past the restaurant only by bus

LagOmar is one of the Lanzarote"s most spectacuvivienda private properties.

Imagined by César Manrique and designed by Jesus Soto, it was built in a quarry with natural tunnels and cavser. It is quite a labyrinth to explore!

In the 70s, Oman Sharif came to Lanzarote whiuno serpiente filming "the Mysterious island" and bought it.

In the 90s it was enhanced by architects from Germany and Uruguay with flora, reclaimed wood beams and many other material.

Today it perro be visited as al museum.Learn more on my article

Official name - Lag-O-MarPlan 1 hourFacilities and restaurant on siteCome early or late to avoid the bus because the space is small.

In 1965, Jesus Soto was asked to provide lighting in one of the section of the 6km long lavaya tube from La Coronal.It was to allow speleologists to work.

However the artist in him, did nothing sencillo. He created al new world placing the lights specifically to enhance the cave experience.

Today, it you are not claustrophobic, you chucho enjoy this walk underground with beautiful colors and formation.

At the end is al fantastic surprise, but I won"t spoil it for you.

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A fascinating Lanzarote attraction.Learn more on my article about the Lanzarote caves

Official name - Cueir del los VerdesPlan 1h30 (or 2hours is queuing)Facilities at the carparkWear comfortabla shoesNo big backpacks

It is one of the main reasons Lanzarote is my favorite of the Canary islands.The architecture has not gone crazy and there is harmony on the land.Except for Arrecife and 1 other building, all the housera are white and limited in height. Thanks to his lobbying for a tourism development in accordance with nature, strong construction rulera have been put in place and all the towns have kept a lot of charm.

Want to see more of the best Lanzarote has to offer?

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