Lanzarote las palmas

The los Palmas arrecife ferry path connects gran Canaria with Lanzarote y is right now operated by tres ferry companies. Trasmediterranea operate their cross up to uno times período week, Naviera Armas siete times período week & the Fred Olsen Express servicio is accessible up to 12 times término week.There are un combined 20 sailings available término week on the los Palmas arrecife crossing between grande Canaria and Lanzarote and with tres ferry carriers on offer it is recipient to to compare all to make sure you get los best fare at ns time that you desire to travel.

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Prices presented represent ns average one method price paid by our customers. Los most usual booking on the los Palmas arrecife de coral route is a automóvil and 2 passengers.

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los Palmas guide

Las Palmas, officially named las Palmas de Gran Canaria, is ns city y capital on ns Spanish island of grande Canaria in the Canary islands. The city is roughly 150 km from the afri coast and is located in the phia băc east part of grande Canaria. Los city's climate, warm, dried summers and winters the aren't as well cold, make it a extendido destination for tourists.The city was established in 1478 by juan Rejon and has plenty of things come see y do including ns selection of theatre, cinema, opera, musical concerts, museums and galleries to enjoy. Two of ns most extendido cultural occasions held in the city are the Canary isla Music Festival and the International película Festival. Los most important historical buildings in the ciudad can be uncovered in ns Vegueta component of the ciudad where part of ns buildings have been was standing for 500 years. These include the Chapel of san Antonio Abad, los Plaza del Santa Ana i m sorry is bordered by the casa Consistoriales, the página de inicio Regental, los Obispado and Santa Ana Cathedral.Las Palmas is los main ferry harbor on the island. Together the island is in ns middle of ns archipelago, las Palmas ferry port gives connections to numerous islands (Fuerteventura, Lanzarote, La Palma, Tenerife) y also the south of Spain (Huelva and Cadiz).

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arrecife de coral Guide

The Spanish city and port of arrecife de coral is situated on the isla of Lanzarote i m sorry forms component of los Canary Islands. The town lies on ns island's east coast and is a city full to ns brim with culture and history. Arrecife's surname is derived desde the Spanish for reef and is ns reference to los volcanic rock formations the lie out to sea and protect ns pretty harbour.The ciudad can map its origins back to los 15th century where it started as un small fishing village. Gastos generales the next 300 years or so, ns settlement grew and eventually became ns island's ciudad capital in 1852. Today, the city is adorned con boutiques, high fin shops marketing designer labels and is a popular destination for shoppers. The city also has its very own beach, Playa después Reducto, that has actually lovely gold sand and warm, patience waters to bathe in. There is also uno lovely promenade the runs representar Playa después Reducto to los city's second beach, Playa ese Cable, which is around 2 km to the west.From the city's port, ferries depart to the other islands in the Canaries y also to other destinations in Europe and Africa.