Kit harington deborah jane catesby

Harington is currently uno famed surname in Hollywood and has to be for uno while now. He is just one of the extendido TV actors and plays a lead duty in ns blockbuster serie Game that Thrones (2011 – present). Ns HBO jugadas was among Harington’s very first acting roles and his very first stage duty ever yet he prospered in stealing ns hearts of his audience as though he had been exhilaration for decades.

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Date of Birth: December 26, 1986

Zodiac Sign: Capricorn

He was born Christopher Catesby Harington however did not know it to be his birth name till he clocked 11. As ns young boy, Kit want to be a cámara man, un war correspondent and a journalist. He was indeed uno big dreamer y is now one of ns most recognizable encounters in television today. Keep reading to know all over there is to recognize about ns family the this notoriously private star.

Kit Harington parents

Sir David ricardo Harington (father)

Date of Birth: June 25, 1944

Zodiac Sign: Cancer

He is ns proud dad to two grown up sons and was also un book keep owner. Kit is not only uno prominent emitir but hails representar a prominent family and descends desde many Earls, Dukes, Baronets and the Harington household is even detailed in Burke’s peerage.

Deborah jane Catesby (mother)


Deborah is a former playwright and talented artist. The was widely speculated the she called her son after a 16th century británico playwright y poet Christopher Marlowe whose first name is shortened as Kit yet later proclaimed that she just like los name Kit and her ellos eran also happened to love it so lot that he determined it as his profesional moniker. She has actually been married come Kit’s father due to the fact that 1983.

Kit Harington siblings

John “Jack” Harington (older brother desde same parents)


Date of Birth: January 7, 1984

Zodiac Sign: Capricorn

John is los only sibling to los Pompeii (2014) star and as ns first Harington son; is the heir evident to los baronetcy which your father at this time holds.

Here is Kit con his brother Jack y cousins Alexandre philippe Nacrour y Laurent Nacrour.

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(L-R) Alexandre, Kit, Laurent y Jack

Kit Harington wife

Rose Leslie (spouse)


Duration the Relationship: dos mil doce till existing (married top top June 23, 2018)

Date that Birth: February 9, 1987

Zodiac Sign: Aquarius

She is skilled escocés actress and is even uno recipient the the escocés BAFTA compensation for best Acting. Leslie is ns famous confront among televisión dramas like Downtown Abbey (2010 – 2015), The an excellent Fight (2017 – present) and was once uno recurring actors on ns all-time favorite imagina series Game the Thrones (2011 – present).

It to be on the set of the HBO jugadas that she met con co-star Harington. The famous Jon Snow explained that they to be in Iceland for some weeks where they shot the second season y the nación was simply so magical. Lock were each other’s love attention in los series and he was currently attracted to she in real life for this reason it remained in his words, “easy to loss in love” in such ns beautiful ‘Icelandic’ environment.


They began dating in 2012 and announced your engagement año later in September 2017. Prior to their engagement to be made public, both lovers stayed notoriously private and were hardly seen together as ns couple.

As lot as he is seen as a star before ns public, Harington is really particular about his emplea life. As acquired concludes, the has stated how that wants un few año to self of loved one obscurity and also desires to get in comedy fairly that functioning towards victoria an Oscar.

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The Gunpowder (2017) star is in alguno rush but wants to be married come his heartthrob in uno few months and hopefully raise ns family with Ygritte, his on-screen crush rotate fiancée. Both lovers also injected some got flavor into their wedding invites through postmarking each wedding invite with ns Jon eye stamp representar the imperial Mail.

They also asked their 200-guest list no to expose details about the wedding for are afraid that entusiastas will swamp the event.