Kingdom hearts 358/2 days

In KINGDOM HEARTS, Sora turned los Keyblade on self in bespeak to release Kairi"s heart, however his heartwas additionally released in ns process. This brought about los creation of Roxas, Sora"s Nobody. Roxas has actually norecollection of his ahead life, i m sorry is unusual for uno Nobody. He joins organization XIII and slowly beginsto discover los truth behind his existence and the organization itself. That meets and befriends los fourteenthmember of ns Organization, who additionally has alguna recollection of her past. What will certainly Roxas see during his timein ns Organization? What is ns connection between him, Sora, y the fourteenth member? and whatbecomes that them? Dive into ns heart of ns KINGDOM mind storyline"s greatest secrets.

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familiar action-packed KINGDOM mind gameplay that has actually captivated entusiastas worldwide “Panel System” – ns brand new system that permits you to customize Roxas" arsenal by placing abilities, items, y weapon parts into allotted slots ns series-first multiplayer mode, permitting up to 4 players to control any organization XIII member learn about ns origins of los “Organization XIII” name acquire to know los members of company XIII, including los mysterious fourteenth member ultimately experience los KINGDOM mind storyline"s missing chapter

Q: would this occupational on uno 2DS? identificación still have actually my DSi from when i originally play this game as ns kid. However the back triggers (L y R) don"t occupational anymore. For this reason if identificación can"t jugar this on ns 2DS, is it possible to play without making use of L and R?

ideal Answer :

Almost every existing Nintendo DS y Nintendo DSi games* have the right to be played on a Nintendo 2DS system

finest Answer :

yes y no, it was initially releeased on los ds, but ns three dsis backwardds copattable therefore the juego woorks good on ns ggs or numero 3 ds.

best Answer :

I bought my copy the the game directly from a sleeve store. Iy was a used copy y did not come with los original case, cover letras or manual.


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me gustaría grew increase playing gamings in this franchise and I certain love just how you have the right to travel to different worlds within the game

identificación used to play the Kingdom mind games espalda in mine youth. While in ~ me gustaría needed to pick up a new Nintendo DS juego for my daughter since she had just finished uno Zelda game and didn"t have actually anything new. So me gustaría figured, what the heck, me gustaría liked the as un kid possibly she will certainly too. Turns fuera de she is currently hooked. She currently loved the película de dibujos animados japoneses style that remained in it, yet mixing some great ol" Disney in over there was nuevo to her y she raves around how lot fun it is come play.
finest of los Kingdom hearts DS games. If you desire to walk for 100%, though, be ready for uno lot of disappointed on acquiring those organization Medals.

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when I"ll speak its story is actually fairly decent, for what that is, 358/2 days isn"t especially an excellent as ns video game. Ns combat is solid, however basic y the inventory grid system is interesting, yet tedious, at best, y ungodly obnoxious, at worst, y most of the levels are just retreads of levels you"ve more than likely played already, and the mission framework is both very repetitive y exhausting, delaware a while. It doesn"t help that some missions are practice in sheer disappointed (I"m looking a YOU, Emerald Serenade). While the idea of play as Roxas is yes, really cool, that doesn"t have un lot in ~ his disposal, and you only obtain to dual-wield (which is really fun to use when you gain to usar Roxas in an unnerfed manner, to give the game some credit) during ns (very short) first part of the last level (well, you have the right to replay the missions as dual-wielding Roxas... In Mission Mode, wherein you repartir extremely pitiful amounts of damage due to the fact that of exactly how it"s designed because that co-op y ONLY co-op, therefore what"s ns point, if you"re playing ns game, by yourself?). Like con Re:Coded, only acquire this if you are un diehard Kingdom mind fan y need the for your collection. Otherwise, just get los HD remasters (ESPECIALLY ns "The story So Far" compilation, for ns PS4 ) y watch ns cutscenes, there. It"s far desde the worst game ever made, far desde it, however it"s ache mediocre and just level dull, most of the time, y it doesn"t carry out anything gameplay-wise that nearly every other Kingdom Hearts game does better, anyway, for this reason there"s not much of a point in play it, other than morbid curiosity.