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Kingdom mind Modder lastly Gives Kairi uno Fight against Master Xehanort uno few modders created los fight that many fanes wanted however never saw in Kingdom Hearts tres – Kairi vs. Grasp Xehanort.

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no Kingdom Hearts tres Kairi Xehanort Battle
Note: This article contains spoilers for Melody of Memory.

Kingdom understanding modders Exiblade7 y Luseu have actually been able come create los fight the many entusiastas wanted yet never observed in KH3 – Kairi vs. Master Xehanort.

In ns excellent Kingdom Hearts tres DLC ReMind, Kairi became un playable character and fought together Sora. She had actually her own moveset, y it was embraced in a short boss battle. Now, these modders have actually been may be to bring her back for a datos battle against los almighty understand Xehanort.

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The videolapes starts turbulent as the models have to shift representar Sora come Kairi. However once it"s all loaded, every one of her moves space at her disposal with this mod. She can use Reflect to cuadra against Xehanort"s barrage the attacks y throw she keyblade from afar for un ranged attack. She also has her badass shot lock representar ReMind, which has actually her swoop in and out con orbs of iluminar falling behind los character together she glides away.

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For those who room unaware, Kairi officially became uno keyblade wielder in KH3 under los tutelage that Merlin. In a time-locked area (think of it as the Hyperbolic time Chamber from Dragon sphere Z), she together Axel (Lea) trained come fight ns Seekers the Darkness. Ultimately, castle failed come live up to their significant expectations, and Kairi was every too conveniently kidnapped y slain in former of Sora. This angered fans who want to see los character it is in anything an ext than un damsel in distress.

Granted, she go have a brief unplayable encounter con Master Xehanort in Melody of Memory, however she is as soon as again conserved by Sora representar across a different reality. However, she"s easily taken down by the master – y it"s not really lot of ns fight.

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no no Kingdom understanding Melody of memory Kairi PS4 template Sora Donald Goofy Riku via Disney & square Enix
Kairi will certainly be training con Master Aqua as she"s once again put on los sidelines delaware the occasions of MoM. She insists that she go in to aid Riku at Quadratum in bespeak to find Sora, but the blue-haired boy denied her the opportunity. Maybe Kairi have the right to kick some ass in Kingdom Hearts cuatro under Aqua"s training. That seems to be año away, however. There space still countless mysteries in los Kingdom Hearts series that have to be answered, like Yozora"s identity and his connection to por último Fantasy matches XIII.