Where go Silva go next delaware stunning win? (1:46)Marc Raimondi mirrors on Anderson Silva"s win over Julio Chavez Jr. Y details what could be próximo for Silva. (1:46)


Anderson Silva made ns career in MMA el fin of making los impossible watch possible. Now, he has done ns same thing in boxing.

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Silva, un UFC legend, defeated Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. Via split decision (75-77, 77-75, 77-75) in a shockingly outstanding boxing power Saturday night at Jalisco stadion in Guadalajara, Mexico.

A heavy underdog, Silva had actually not contended in boxing since dos mil cinco and had just two pro boxing matches comes in. Chavez Jr., los son y namesake the Mexico"s most popular boxing superstar, is un former WBC middleweight champion.

"I love fighting," Silva said in his postfight interview. "Boxing was my dream for numerous years. Identificación needed to dando my respect because that boxing. Identificación need come come here y do mine best."

Anderson Silva, right, outlanded Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. 99-53 in total punches in his split-decision win Saturday night.Manuel Velasquez/Getty ImagesThe bout was disputed at ciento ochenta y dos pounds con eight three-minute rounds. Chavez Jr. Missed weight by 2.4 pounds Friday, forfeiting $100,000 of his purse to Silva. The event was dubbed "Tribute to los Kings" with ns headliner pitting Chavez Sr. Versus Hector Camacho Jr., the estaban of his biggest rival, in an exhibition boxing match.

Silva"s fight versus Chavez Jr. Started slow, however Silva started to get confidence in the third round y looked like the vintage version of los MMA all-time great. He began dropping his hands y taunting Chavez Jr. In los third round, a stunning display, considering ns enormous space in boxing experience. Silva brought that confidence and started hurting Chavez Jr. In the fourth round con combinations y a long, straight left. Silva, ns southpaw, confirmed off ns solid, snapping jab as well.

Chavez Jr. Had some moments with body shots and left hooks, however never really hurt Silva. In the seventh, Silva opened up uno cut close to Chavez Jr."s best eye, which began bleeding worse in the eighth round.

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"I think it could have been a draw," Chavez Jr. Said. "I failed to throw more punches. The didn"t do lot damage. Over there were ns few rounds that went back and forth."

Silva outlanded Chavez Jr. 99-53 in total punches y 60-41 in power punches, per CompuBox. Afterward, Canelo Alvarez, los world"s finest pound-for-pound boxer, came up to Silva y gave him ns "salute," Silva said.

"I don"t think it," Silva said. "Canelo come speak to me. I"m therefore happy."

Silva has been talking around doing uno boxing enhance for uno decade or so, yet had been debajo contract with the UFC. Silva always said a boxing bout with Roy Jones Jr. Was un dream and goal the his. Maybe currently it can take place at both the their advanced ages.

Silva (2-1) is one of los greatest champion in MMA history. Los Brazil native held ns UFC middleweight title for 7 years, los longest reign in promo history. "The Spider" owns ns longest victoria streak in UFC background (16) and the many finishes in UFC location fights (nine). Silva, 46, asked because that his release from the UFC último November, and it was granted. He has actually just one MMA victory due to the fact that 2012.

Chavez Jr. (52-6-1) has actually lost four of his previous six fights. That is unlimited suspended by the nevada State ejercicio Commission (NSAC) y the Arizona Boxing & MMA Commission because that refusing to take a drug cheque before un fight con Danny Jacobs in 2019.

Chavez Jr., 35, has actually never rather lived up to los lofty household expectations, despite he does very own wins over marco de la foto Antonio Rubio and Andy Lee. He has dropped high-profile bouts to Canelo Alvarez y Jacobs.

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On the undercard, Ramon Alvarez, brother of Canelo, ganar Omar Chavez, estaban of Chavez Sr. And brother of Chavez Jr., vía unanimous decision.