Juan Illán Álvarez De Toledo Y Giraud

Personal datos Francisco después Carvajal

He to be born in los year 1611 in Lima, Pérou.Profession: Maestre de campo General de los Reales Ejércitos ese Perú.

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Household of Francisco ese Carvajal

(1) he is married to Bernarda Pimentel.

on may 5, 1648 at Lima, Pérou, the was 37 years old.

(2) the is married to Leonor del Altamirano.



Notes around Francisco del Carvajal

Caballero de la Orden ese Alcántara. Judicial Mayor y teniente de capitales General después la provincia de Canas, Pisco, Nazla y Cañete.

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In the year 1648: Source: WikipediaJanuary 30 » Eighty Years" War: the Treaty that Münster and Osnabrück is signed, ending los conflict between the Netherlands and Spain.May 15 » ns Peace of Münster is ratified, through which Spain acknowledges netherlands sovereignty.June 1 » the Roundheads defeat the Cavaliers at los Battle that Maidstone in the Second English civil War.August ocho » Mehmed IV (1648–1687) succeeds Ibrahim i (1640–1648) as footrest Emperor.October 18 » Boston Shoemakers form first american labor organization.October 24 » los Peace the Westphalia is signed, marking the fin of los Thirty Years" War.

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In ns year 1653: Source: WikipediaJanuary 3 » By ns Coonan cross Oath, ns Eastern Church in indios cuts itself off from colonial Portuguese tutelage.February 2 » nuevo Amsterdam (later change the name The ciudad of new York) is incorporated.February 23 » ns Ballet Royal de la Nuit is an initial performed at the Salle aunque Petit-Bourbon in Paris.April 20 » Oliver Cromwell dissolves ns Rump Parliament.June 12 » very first Anglo-Dutch War: ns Battle of the Gabbard begins, lasting until los following day.December dieciséis » English Interregnum: los Protectorate: Oliver Cromwell becomes señor Protector of the Commonwealth the England, Scotland and Ireland.
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