Irene Azuela Juliana Rangel Azuela

Irene Azuela sharing a kiss con husband Enrique Rangel, Source: that Dated Who

The beautiful Irene Azuela is married to her husband Enrique Rangel. Rangel is ns Mexican musical artist y composer. On 14th January 2017 the couple who were dating because 2012, finally exchanged vow amidst family and friends. Moreover, ns couple celebrated ns two year anniversary of your married life in 2019.

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Besides this, Irene shares ns daughter called Juliana Rangel con her husband. Julia was born on march 13, 2015, front to los couple’s marriage y is four years viejo at present. In spite of being un busy mom, Irene always separates her hora form for work for her tiny princess. 

How lot is Irene’s salary y net worth?

Azuela’s effective career in acting has actually benefited she financially.

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Making her appearance on ns big screen in dos mil seis with ‘The último Time’, she has appeared in many movies y is an created actress. Few of her works incorporate ‘The Buffalo of the Night’, ‘Too Easy’, ‘Opus Zero’, ‘Third Call’ and ‘Under los Salt’.

In addition, Irene has additionally starred in t.v. Shows including ‘Everything’, what women are Silent’, ‘Welcome Reality’ and ‘The hotel that secrets’.

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However, ns actress hasn’t revealed her salary come her fanes or ns media. Together of 2019, Irene Azuela’s net worth is an approximated $2 million.