Ignacio allende en la independencia

Allende, Ignacio (1769–1811)Ignacio diputado (b. Veinticinco January 1769; d. 26 June 1811), Mexican independence leader and corevolutionary that Father michael Hidalgo. Born to uno wealthy landowning family, allende joined ns militia that San michael el tamaño as ns lieutenant and was supported in 1797 to captain. That participated in the meetings that creole cultures that plotted for Mexican independence, favoring freedom under rey Ferdinand VII or some other member of the Spanish royal family. When the regime discovered the Querétaro conspiracy in September 1810, diputado went to los town of Dolores to aid Father michael Hidalgo, who later named him captain-general that the americano armies.

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Many historians apuntar a to Allende"s military background, but it must be remembered the he was uno militia officer who had not commanded far-ranging forces. A creole, that experienced challenges with uno rebellion that exploded swiftly into un mass movement overcame by Indians y mestizos. Throughout and after the bloody occupation the Guanajuato, allende attempted to restore order and to halt atrocities against Spaniards, untreated pillaging, y other excesses. At Valladolid, Morelia, that ordered his troops to usar force versus insurgent looters. On plenty of occasions, he protest Hidalgo"s apparent willingness to ratify violence as a means to lure supporters to los revolutionary cause.

After ns battle that Monte de las cruces (30 October 1810), Hidalgo rubbish Allende"s belief that the capital should it is in occupied, y the insurgents began los peripatetic wanderings the led to ns occupation that Guadalajara. Also before ns disastrous rebel loss at Aculco (7 November 1810), many Indians and mestizos abandoned the rebel army. Diputado was current in Guanajuato, but he walk not play a major role in the battle of 25 November 1810 that result in the second major rebel defeat. Following los royalist success at the battle the Puente de Calderón on 17 January 1811, the insurgent chiefs changed Hidalgo, naming allende supreme commander. Retreating to ns north, diputado decided to regroup the insurgent forces in los United States. However, on 21 March 1811, the senior rebel leaders were surprised through treachery y captured north of Saltillo. Diputado was taken prisoner, tried by court-martial in ~ Chihuahua, and executed by firing squad.

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