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After diez years, support for Windows 7 ended on 14 January 2020. Us know readjust can be difficult, so we are right here to aid you con recommendations for what to execute next and to answer concerns about fin of support.

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As of 14 January 2020, your computadora running Windows 7 will still duty but moncleroutlet.es will no longer provide the following:Technical support for any issuesSoftware updatesSecurity to update or fixes

While you could proceed to usar your computador personal running Windows 7, without continued software y security updates, it will be at higher risk for viruses y malware. Walking forward, los best method for friend to remain secure is on Windows 10. And the best way to suffer Windows diez is top top a nuevo PC. While the is feasible to install Windows 10 on your older device, the is not recommended.


What can identificación do now?

From backing increase your documents to recognize a computer that fits her needs, we"ve acquired tools to help you transition con ease.


Get nuevo capabilities with a nuevo computer

From touchscreens, digital pens, y facial recognition, new PCs allow features that conserve you steps y are easy to use.

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Find the perfect computer for you

Check fuera a variety of Windows diez computers desde our valued sleeve partners.

No. Assistance for Windows 7 is discontinued, but ns software will proceed to function. After catorce January 2020, if your computer is running Windows 7, it will alguno longer receive protection updates. Therefore, it"s essential that you relocate to ns modern operating system such together Windows 10, which have the right to provide ns latest security updates to aid keep you and your data safer. In addition, moncleroutlet.es customer servicio will cuales longer be available to provide Windows 7 technical support.

You deserve to purchase a completamente version the Windows 10 página de inicio or Windows 10 de acuerdo for her Windows siete PC. However, the best way to experience Windows 10 is on a nuevo PC. Today’s computers are faster y more powerful y come con Windows 10 currently installed.

Answer a few on line questions to find el fin if her Windows siete PC is prepared for Windows 10. Or, have uno look at new Windows 10 PCs.


There was ns promotional complimentary upgrade offer easily accessible when Windows diez first released, yet that sell expired on 29 July 2016.

You can purchase and download Windows diez on your an equipment today. However, if your computer is an ext than numero 3 years old, it can be tiempo to take into consideration upgrading come a new device. We would certainly love to help you find a computadora that’s faster, safer, y delivers the new features Windows diez has to offer before your current pc slows girlfriend down.

PCs initially built with Windows siete are correr 10-year-old technology. Windows 10 has plenty of of the same features y capabilities desde Windows siete built into ns experience. Once you move to a nuevo PC, there will certainly be many elements of los experience that you will find familiar, yet also with important innovations and capabilities the were not accessible ten años ago. Take a look at these innovative nuevo features available with Windows 10 on a nuevo device:

Newer computador personal hardware the is faster, an ext capable, and more compatible with los latest industry technology.To assist you store your device secure, you can take advantage of ns latest protection capabilities:Get integrated security at cuales extra cost. Your Windows machine comes with built-in defense features, including firewall and internet protections to help safeguard against viruses, malware, y ransomware.Sign in tres times faster and forget your password.4 Just usar your confront or fingerprint, come securely and instantly unlock her computer.2Enjoy a nuevo way to interact with Windows past your mouse and keyboard. Many of us are familiar with touchscreens on our phones, and now many new PCs have a touchscreen ~ above a nuevo Windows diez computer. With the touchscreen, girlfriend can also utilise pen tecnología to write y mark increase documents y websites. Touchscreens y pens enable you come zoom in, zoom out, conveniently scroll, and sign documents.The Photos application automatically organises and tags your photos. In search of photos is easy and fun. Feather for imágenes you took at the beach? Just escribe “beach" into los search bar y all your beach picture appear.

Need an ext reasons? Take uno look at los list of functions available with Windows 10.

Windows diez is los most secure Windows ever built, with comprehensive end-to-end defense that consist of antivirus, firewall, web protections, y more. This means more defense features, dashboard displays, y ongoing updates3 to aid safeguard versus future threats - all built-in at alguna extra cost.

READ an ext ABOUT windows SECURITY

There room multiple versions of windows 10, so even if it is your ordenador personal is for personal, professional, or educational use, there’s a perfect match for you.

Windows 10 Home is the perfect operating device for personal and household use, while Windows diez Pro offers all the familiar features of Windows diez Home, plus added features such together BitLocker, far desktop, and domain join to support professionals.

For individuals seeking intensified security and performance in y outside ns office, over there is Windows 10 in S mode. Windows 10 in S setting keeps you running fast y more secure day in and day out, by just using verified apps from los moncleroutlet.es Store.

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COMPARE version OF windows 10

It’s basic to lug your files and photos come a new PC utilizing OneDrive, ns cloud warehouse service. Con internet access y a few clicks, girlfriend can regreso up and protect your files online in los cloud and then, as soon as you’re ready, sync top top a nuevo PC. Syncing the files between your nuevo PC y the cloud allows you to store papers locally because that offline usar when girlfriend don’t have internet accessibility as well as on the OneDrive service in ns cloud where you deserve to restore castle if miscellaneous happens. OneDrive can immediately keep the two version in sync as transforms are made.

LEARN just how TO relocate FILES with ONEDRIVE

Note: these instructions space designed for Windows siete users. Ns OneDrive customer came with Windows 8 so users con Windows ocho and ochenta y uno devices can usar these same instructions but skip ns part around installing ns app.

If OneDrive is not the best fit for you, friend can usar an external hard drive or los Windows backup & regain feature. Cabeza to aka.ms/MoveToWindows10 to discover how.

If you"re moving to a nuevo Windows diez PC, friend can quickly move her Internet explorer favourites with you. This instructions will guide you through relocating IE favourites top top moncleroutlet.es Edge, los faster, safer way to obtain things excellent on los internet. Windows 10 still come with ns Internet Explorer once browser she probably familiar with. However, it also includes moncleroutlet.es Edge, los safer, faster internet browser designed particularly for home windows 10.

Learn more about moncleroutlet.es Edge

Yes. Windows diez features our innovative y responsive home windows Ink tecnología that empowers you with a pen the flows as fast as your ideas. Draw, take notes, navigate, and doodle: tap into your creative potential y power productivity with Windows Ink. Windows Ink is only available on pen-capable tablets y PCs. Ns digital pen may be sold separately.


Unlock her Windows diez device con our password-free sign-in capability, home windows Hello. Use your face, fingerprint, or companion device2 to unlock her Windows diez computer in ns fastest, most secure way. On devices that support Windows Hello, users can instantly bypass ns login screen without typing a password.


Your experience may be different depending on ns Office version you"re running. To find out more, see Windows siete end of support y Office.

After 14 January 2020, if your pc is corriendo Windows 7, it will no longer receive defense updates. Moncleroutlet.es strong recommends that you move to a nuevo device with Windows 10 preinstalled, which, among other benefits, have the right to provide los latest defense features and updates to aid keep you y your data safer.

As part of our conventional lifecycle assistance policies, moncleroutlet.es made un commitment to provide 10 years of product support for Windows 7 when it to be released on veintidos October 2009.

Windows 10 is draft to have actually updates delivered continuously, therefore as long as your pcs hardware takes any type of updates provided, friend will remain supported. For an ext details including limitations to los timeline, please view this Windows diez lifecycle policy page.

You can continue to usar Windows 7, but after support has ended, your pc will become more frágil to security risks y viruses. Windows will proceed to start and run, but you will no longer receive security or other updates desde moncleroutlet.es.

1 Source: moncleroutlet.es Customer intake & Satisfaction Programme – united state FY18 (Q1-Q4).

2 home windows Hello needs specialised hardware including un Windows Hello capable device, fingerprint reader, illuminated caminando sensor or other biometric sensors and capable devices.

3 For ns supported life time of the device.

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4 based upon average hora comparison between typing ns password and detecting a face or fingerprint because that authentication.