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no no no no the Upset around Aloy's illustration in Horizon Forbidden West defined This week proved players a nuevo look at los upcoming Horizon Forbidden West, yet some entusiastas are upset gastos generales Aloy"s updated personality design.

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entusiastas of Horizon Zero Dawn have actually known about the upcoming sequel, Horizon Forbidden West, because that quite uno while now. Fanes got an even much more exciting look in ~ Horizon Forbidden West in this week’s state of play where catorce minutes the brand nuevo gameplay to be revealed. Ns footage reflects off the graphic upgrades in between last-gen consoles y this generation, not to mention nuevo combat and enemies to look forward to. What should have been an exciting sneak peek at Horizon Forbidden West has now devolved, unfortunately, since some viewers have actually expressed disgust y disappointment at Aloy’s updated face design.

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Aloy is ns protagonist the Horizon Zero Dawn y the upcoming Horizon Forbidden West. She’s voiced by Ashly Burch and modeled after Hannah Hoekstra, un Dutch actress. Aloy is widely regarded as un strong leading female character, with many football player appreciating los way she was written, designed, y depicted. Aloy’s appearance has changed representar Horizon Zero Dawn to Horizon Forbidden West, as los sequel takes location six months after the events of ns first game. Her face looks ns bit rounder, which can be defined by uno few various things, yet some fanes reacted and decided she rounder cheeks were enough reason come now call Aloy “fat” and “ugly.”

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Aloy’s figure in Horizon Forbidden West vs. Horizon Zero Dawn

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Perhaps the biggest coeficiente at juego here is that human being are to compare last-gen screenshots con next-gen screenshots. Horizon Zero Dawn come out on los PS4, meanwhile Horizon Forbidden West will be both un next-gen y last-gen release. It makes sense for ns developer to showcase Horizon Forbidden West with its PS5 next-gen technology, even though it will release for both PS4 y PS5. Ns large component of ns complaints the some human being have wagered just comes representar the technological difference that provides Aloy appear much more realistically in Horizon Forbidden West.

There’s also a hora jump to contend with between Horizon Zero Dawn y Horizon Forbidden West. Uno lot deserve to change a person’s figure in six months, i beg your pardon many entusiastas have noted under los posts talking about how Aloy is now “fat.” entusiastas have additionally come to she defense by note that, given los context of the games, she and everyone else in the post-apocalyptic world of smo Francisco hardly provided to eat. Things have actually surely gotten far better since the end of Horizon Zero Dawn, for this reason it makes sense the her cheeks may be uno bit bigger. However, the doesn’t make her “fat.”

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Aloy does Not must be more Feminine in Horizon Forbidden West

What is this clownery. Aloy is un god damn warrior. Someone tell “fans” that women aren’t there to please your perception that “feminine” https://t.co/YaVsS6TWP3

— Magister Maya