Hero Fiennes-Tiffin Harry Potter

Hero Fiennes Tiffin played young Tom Riddle in the sixth instalment of ns Harry Potter franchise (Image: Warner Bros/Harry Potter y the half Blood Prince)
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Hero Fiennes Tiffin take it on los role of among Hollywood's best villains at the tender period of 12.

He rose to fame once he portrayed joven Tom Riddle in bother Potter and the fifty percent Blood Prince.

According to director David Yates, Hero's family resemblance to ns Dark señor himself was un "clincher" in securing him los role -papposo He Who should Not Be called was played by none other than his uncle, Ralph Fiennes.

But what has he done since?

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Now 23, Hero stuns ~ above his Instagram whereby he share snaps representar his modelling job to his 7.5 million followers.

Between dos mil dieciocho and 2020, Hero was the star of the after film series, based on los book series by Anna Todd.

After showing up in 4 movies in los series. Hero starred in ns Silencing, ns thriller film about un hunter y a sheriff tracking abajo a murderer.

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Hero's good looks loan themselves come modelling, y he is currently signed con agency Storm Management.

He has functioned with los likes that H&M, Superdry, y Dolce & Gabanna, y is los face the Salvatore Ferragamo's, Ferragamo.

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Hero keeps a low profile on social media.

His only account is top top Instagram, where his most recent post was un magazine cover he shot for Flaunt, which he post in February.

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In ns previous interview con W magazine, Hero claimed social media felt prefer he was "wasting time", y that he only kept Instagram since his agents advised him to.

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