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Born January 30, mil novecientos noventa inMexico City, ruinas Federal, Mexico
Birth NameEiza González Reyna
Height 5"8"(1.73m)
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Eiza González Reyna is ns Mexican actress y singer. She to be born top top January 30, mil novecientos noventa in Mexico City, Mexico, to charlie González and Glenda Reyna. Her mommy is a yesteryear mexican model. She has actually one elder brother, Yulen. She shed her father in uno motorcycle accident once she was just 12. Later in September 2015, she revealed that due to this trauma, she suffered desde compulsive overeating and depression from 15 to 20 years that age.Eiza studied at los "American institution Foundation" y at the "Edron Academy", both in Mexico City.In 2003, Eiza join Mexico city based acting institution "M & M Studio", correr by famous actress Patricia Reyes Spíndola. She attended the school it spins 2004.She to be then permitted to take it up a tres years course at los renowned entertainment educational college of Televisa, "Centro del Educación Artística", in Mexico City, when she to be 14. It was there the she gained noticed through producer-director Pedro Damián. . Her de verdad breakthrough came con an adaptation that Floricienta (2004) titled Lola: Érase una vez (2007), ns Televisa created teen-oriented mexican melodrama telenovela. Lola: Érase una vez (2007), that premiered in Mexico on February 26, 2007, y ran for two seasons it spins January 11, 2008, witnessed her essaying los starring duty of Dolores "Lola" Valente, the lead woman protagonist. As ns result of the huge popular of the show, that was presented in plenty of other countries throughout Latin america and los US. In feather 2008, she go to new York city with her mother to take it up a three months acting course at los "Lee Strasberg Theatre y Film Institute" and returned to Mexico city upon that is completion. The year, cosmetic brand, Avon in Mexico, selected her together the new face that "Color Trend de Avon". EMI Televisa signed a trato with her in late 2008 that led she to relax her debut album "Contracorriente" ~ above November 24, dos mil nueve in Mexico/Latin américa through EMI Televisa Music and on January 26, dos mil diez in the US with Capitol Latin. Los album climbed in ~ #13 on los Mexico Top cien Albums chart. Meanwhile, she shared display screen space con Mexican actress Susana González in April 2009 in the episode mujer asesinas: Tere, desconfiada (2009) desde the ancha Mexican drama and psychological thriller television series mujer asesinas (2008). She essayed ns role of Gaby, un teenage antagonist.She then landed up with dual roles in the música tween telenovela Sueña conmigo (2010), as the lead protagonist Clara y her alter-ego Roxy Pop. Because that filming of los series, she had to continue to be in Buenos plancha for a year because April 2010, visiting Mexico only throughout breaks.Produced by Televisa, Illusion Studios y Nickelodeon Latin America, Sueña conmigo (2010) aired top top Nickelodeon Latin estados unidos de américa from July 20, dos mil diez to April 1, 2011 covering Mexico, Argentina y other Latin american nations. The popularity that the serie led the cast do concerts throughout Argentina in between March and July 2011. Her 2nd album "Te Acordarás del Mí" exit digitally on June 5, 2012. That debuted at # 66 on the mexicana Top cien Albums charts y peaked at #14 on los US Billboard Latin música pop Album chart. The comedy jugadas flick prácticamente treinta (2014) the premiered at different película festivals in dos mil trece marked her debut on big-screen. The película however exit in Mexico much later on 22nd honorable 2014.Her next big function on televisión was that of Nikki Brizz Balvanera, a female protagonist, in the Mexican telenovela Amores verdaderos (2012) the aired on muelle de las estrellas from September 3, dos mil doce to may 12, 2013.She then went top top to juego Sheila "Jetta" quemaduras in the dos mil quince film Jem y the Holograms (2015).Since 2014 she functions in the american horror tv series desde Dusk till Dawn: The serie (2014) essaying ns character of Santanico Pandemonium play by Salma Hayek in the original flick. The serie that airs on the el Rey network point out her first English-speaking part.In February 2015, Neutrogena announced her as los newest ambassador of their skincare line.She deserve to be watched playing los role the Darling in the action film Baby Driver (2017), exit in June 2017.

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was slated to it is in on the cover of May/June dos mil diecisiete issue of ns magazine Latina. In ~ the último minute, this worry would it is in scrapped entirely due to ns magazine"s financial struggles.

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She auditioned for los role the Selina Kyle/Catwoman in the Batman (2021) y was a eventualmente contender for the part.

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me gustaría lost mine father an extremely young, yet not joven enough to not be mindful of what to be going on. My father and I had an amazing relationship. Us were very close. I fell into a very dark place and I couldn"t transacción with loss. Me gustaría started eating excessively y gained a lot of weight, y I was an extremely sad. Me gustaría wasn"t in un good place. I wouldn"t say identificación had an eating disorder, i would say i was going v depression.