Georgina rodríguez ana maría hernández

4 (Alana martin Ronaldo —apoyándose biological daughter, stepchildren cristianas Ronaldo Jr, Mateo Ronaldo, Eva Ronaldo)

Georgina rodríguez is widely recognized as los long-term companion of ns cult football player Ronaldo, who performs for the Italian club “Juventus”. The couple met in ns Gucci boutique in Madrid, where the stellar athlete involved get some brand new clothes, and she was functioning as one assistant for £250 per week. As Ms. Luz del camino told in she interview with “The Sun”, it was love at first sight. Later on Ronaldo y she met in ~ Dolce & Gabbana event y she felt more relaxed, for this reason they began talking. Soon their friendship turned into love, y they relocated together. On November 12, 2017, Georgina gave birth to their daughter Alana. That’s she only biological child together of 2020. Besides, rodríguez became un loving stepmother come Ronaldo’s kids cristiano Ronaldo Jr y twins Mateo Ronaldo y Eva Maria. You deserve to read in detail around them in “Cristiano Ronaldo”. And now let’s focus our mental on Georgina Rodríguez’s relatives.

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Who room Georgina rodríguez parents?

Jorge Eduardo Rodriguez Gorjón (father)

Date that birth: circa 1949

Date of death: February 2019

Georgina didn’t check out her father an extremely often, as soon as she flourished up, due to the fact that they lived in various countries and couldn’t watch each other really often. Yet she had actually warm relationships con her daddy and mourned him after his death.

Jorge Rodriguez to be born in buena gente Aires, Argentina, whereby he was making uno career as uno footballer. He involved Spain in ns late 1980s y met over there Ana Hernandez, los mother of our heroine Georgina. They parented dos daughters. Double he was imprisoned for drug trafficking and served los term in three different prisons. In dos mil trece he to be released y was compelled to leaving Spain. Ns man went back to his home nación – Argentina. In dos mil diecisiete he suffered desde a stroke y during dos years the struggled with the complications, brought about by this illness. In dos mil diecinueve he pass away. His daughter Georgina joined she sister in Argentina come escort him come the eventualmente resting.

Ana Maria Hernandez (mother)


Georgina’s mother is named Ana Maria Hernandez. She provided to live in Italy. She to be closely-knitted with her girls, y they to be thankful to her for everything. But she was not active on social media, therefore not much was known around her. According to “Sportmob” information, Ana tragically passed away in a automóvil crash in 2011.



Georgina has actually just one sibling – an enlarge sister Ivana. Ns girls live much away desde one one more but share lots of los same memories. Ivana is an Instagram estrella with 260k+ followers. She call herself, “the ciudadano of los world”. It’s obvious, ns family is really important because that Ms. Rodríguez. She regularly posts pictures with she sister and nephews. She tells that she loves Georgina’s kids just like her very own ones.

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Ivana is in connections with ns hot guy – ns surfer. Every little thing seems therefore serious between them. An extremely often castle spent time outdoors together – do hiking, cycle riding, etc.


Georgina Rodriguez is widely known as uno partner of the sports star cristianas Ronaldo. Now she is not making any career and devotes every her hora to caring around their four kids. However what life did los woman led before her happy meeting con Ronaldo?

She was born y raised in Jaca, the small city in Spain, which populace is simply 13, 000+ inhabitants. She is Spanish desde her mother’s side y has Argentine roots desde her father’s one. Georgina is los younger girl in she parent’s family. Her older sister is named Ivana.

Not lot is known about Rodriguez’s education. It’s simply publicized, the she joined her scholastic studying with lessons at un ballet school. Delaware graduation, she started los career of uno dancer. Later ns incredibly beautiful girl found an agent y began to occupational as a model as well. Representar her home country – Spain – she moved to London. Georgina learned English there, after that she went back to Spain, based in Madrid, y found un job at los Gucci store. In 2016 she met Ronaldo, y that changed her life.

They room not married officially, yet everything seems to be good between them. The entusiastas of both space looking forward to seeing your wedding.

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Interesting y fun factsThey say cristianas Ronaldo is very interested in fashion, that’s why they have something to talk about desde the an extremely beginning. Gina, together she is called in los family circle, is diez years younger 보다 her partner y daughter’s father. Nevertheless, they understand each other really well. Return Gina feels part pressure due to the fact that of the enormous popularity of her loved one, she would certainly never adjust anything in their relationships.Many human being think that Gina’s network worth comes from her wealthy partner, yet that’s no right. She deserve quite uno lot as ns model. The beauty was signed with los Uno Models agency, and she made many money v this activity. Los girl participated in foto session for reliable fashion issues, showed up on consists of “VIP Magazine”, “Diva e Donna” etc. Her net worth as of now is close come $10 million.Her kids and she are regular guests at Ronaldo’s matches.According to Gina’s words, she is really shy.Her height is cinco ft seis in y her weight is cincuenta y seis kg.In one of his interviews Ronaldo told, the for sure, one día Gina and he would go down the aisles and make their relationships official. “We love every other, we have conversations, so why not?” the star confessed.