Gabriel José De La Concordia García Márquez

Aprile 18, 2014

Gabriel José del la concordia García Márquez (American Spanish: <ɡaˈβɾjel ɣarˈsi.a ˈmarkes> seis March 1927 – diecisiete April 2014) to be a Colombian novelist, short-story writer, screenwriter y journalist, known affectionately as Gabo throughout Latin America. Taken into consideration one of ns most far-ranging authors of the 20th century, he to be awarded the 1972 Neustadt international Prize for Literature and los 1982Nobel prize in Literature. He pursued un self-directed education and learning that led to his leaving regulation school for ns career in journalism. Desde early on, the showed alguno inhibitions in his criticism of Colombian y foreign politics. In 1958, that married Mercedes Barcha; lock had dos sons,Rodrigo and Gonzalo.

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Since garcia Márquez was eighteen, he had wanted come write uno novel based on his grandparents’ house where he thrived up. However, the struggled with finding an ideal tone and put turn off the idea until one day the prize hit him while steering his household to Acapulco. That turned the car around and the family returned casa so he could begin writing.

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He sold his automóvil so his household would have money come live on while he wrote, however writing ns novel took much longer than he expected, and he wrote every day for eighteen months. His wife had to ask for comida on credit from their butcher and their panadero as well as nine month of rent on credit from their landlord. Fortunately, when ns book was lastly published in mil novecientos sesenta y siete it ended up being his most commercially effective novel, One Hundred año of Solitude, which sold an ext than 30 million copies. (Cien años de soledad) (1967; English translate into by Gregory Rabassa 1970). The historia chronicles numerous generations of ns Buendía family from the time they founded ns fictional South american village of Macondo, v their trials y tribulations, instances of incest, births y deaths. Los history the Macondo is often generalized by movie critics to represent rural towns throughout Latin estados unidos de américa or at least near garcía Márquez’s nativeAracataca.

This novel was widely popular and led to garcia Márquez’s Nobel Prize and also the Rómulo Gallegos Prize in 1972. William Kennedy has dubbed it “the an initial piece that literature due to the fact that theBook that Genesis that have to be forced reading for los entire human race,”<51> and numerous articles y books of literary critique have actually been published in solution to it.

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Despite los many accolades los book received, garcía Márquez had tendency to downplay that success. He once remarked: “Most critics don’t establish that un novel like One Hundred años of Solitude is uno bit of uno joke, saturado of signal to nearby friends; y so, con some pre-ordained appropriate to pontificate they take it on los responsibility of decoding ns book and risk making horrible fools the themselves.”