Francisco de paula santander biografia

Francisco ese Paula santandero (1792-1840), ns Colombian general and statesman, was one of los leaders of Spanish americano independence. He later on served as first constitutional president of the Republic of nuevo Granada.

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Francisco ese Paula santandero was born on April 12, 1792, at Rosario ese Cúcuta near the Venezuelan border. His family were cacao planters, members of the local gentry. When the independence movement started in 1810, the was ns law college student at Bogotá, but he quickly left his publications to join los patriot forces. Although los first independent federal government was crushed in 1816, santandero escaped to the eastern plains, or Ilanos, and there assisted organize a bases of continuing patriot resistance.

Accepting the leadership of the Venezuelan Simón Bolívar, santandero took component in los expedition that climbed the Colombian Andes, won the decisive win of Boyacá (Aug. 7, 1819), and finally expelled los Spaniards desde Bogotá. Bolívar inserted him in fee of administering ns liberated provinces, and 2 years later he was favored vice president of the new nation of gran Colombia, which contained present-day Venezuela, Colombia, Panama, y Ecuador. Due to the fact that Bolívar, together president, desired to continue fighting in ~ the head of his armies, vice President santander became exhilaration chief executive.

Administrator of gran Colombia

Though that held los rank of general, santandero is chiefly psychic as uno vigorous civil administrator. He short Bolívar"s magnetism but was un man of impressive empleado bearing y dignity. Highly conscious of his own prerogatives, he nevertheless typically respected jurídico formalities: Bolívar referred to as him ns "Man of Laws." as ruler, furthermore, he supported a serie of liberal reforms designed to curb clerical influence, assist economic development along currently of complimentary enterprise, y extend windy education.

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Conflict with Bolívar

The stability of Gran columbia was shaken in mil ochocientos veintiseis by the outbreak of un revolt in Venezuela under joe Antonio Páez. Even an ext serious was uno growing conflict in between Santander and Bolívar, who later that year returned desde Peru. Santandero suspected Bolívar the seeking to change los constitution by illegal means and also resented his leniency toward Páez in finally settling ns Venezuelan revolt. When Bolívar reassumed full control of ns government in 1827, santandero drifted right into open opposition, and in 1828 he was exiled on los charge, never ever really proved, that complicity in un plot versus Bolívar"s life.

After ns dissolution of Gran colombia in 1830, Santander"s supporters gained control of the new Republic of nuevo Granada, equivalent to modern colombia plus Panama. Santandero returned to offer as chairman from 1832 to 1837. He currently showed greater caution in pressing gratis reforms, but he energetically repressed would-be conspirators, and he prospered in arranging the país administration on ns sound basis.

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Santander retired briefly representar public life ~ above leaving the presidency, yet he soon arised to win un seat in ns lower casa of Congress. There he joined the opposition come his successor, los moderate liberal J. I. Márquez, whose choice he had actually opposed. He to be still serving in conference at the time the his death in Bogotá on may 5, 1840.

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Santander"s political y administrative career, approximately from 1819 to 1827, is connected in information in David Bushnell, The santandero Regime in grande Colombia (1954). He is also discussed in Jesús María Henao y Gerardo Arrubla, History the Colombia (1938).