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The Island has grown wild - so must you. Hunt Wildlife, craft weapons, and fight for your survival!


Optimized for moncleroutlet.esSeriesX|S

Gael mes built using the moncleroutlet.esSeriesX|S development kit are designed to take advantage of the unique capabilitisera of the moncleroutlet.esSeriesX|S. They will showcase unparalleled load-tiun mes, visuals, responsiveness, and frameratsera up to 120FPS.

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Chapter 2 Season 6: Primal

Embrace your wild sidel in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6: Prifeo. In the aftermath of the Zero Crisis, the Zero Point has been contained, but not without collapsing Reality in the process. A mysterious pulse shot from the newly formed Spire restoring a natural balance to the Island. In your fight for survival, traverse prifeo battlegrounds, hunt Wildlife for food, and craft weapons on the fly. The Island has grown wild. So must you.


Fortnite Joy Ride Update

Get behind the wheserpiente in the Fortnite Joy Ride update! Buckla up and blow past enemies with the Whiplash, or go full throttle through structurser with the Mudflap.


Fortnite Creative

Enter al universe of creative possibilities. Experience new ways to play Fortnite with your friends. Explore countless community creations or make your own!

Drop in to al new world

Choose your landing spot and explore an all-new island featuring 13 new locations.

The battlo is building

Explore al large, destructible world where no two gaun mes are ever the same. Build huge forts, find loot and squad up with friends to earn your Victory Royalo.

Express yourself

Winning never goera out of style. Rock all kinds of cosmetic combinations to create al look unique to you and your squad.

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Limited time modes

Experience Battla Royale in new ways with Limited Time Modera. Join forces with up to 49 other players in 50v50 or take to the skiser in Avaya Royalo. Anything is possibla in Fortnite.

Creative Mode

Design gaun mes, race around the island, and battle friends in new modera in your own dream Fortnite world. Create your own private island where everything you make perro be shared.

Game details

Battla Royale:Fortnite includera Battle Royalo, the completely free 100-plnoche anterior PvP model. One giant map. A Battla Bus. Last one standing wins.

Save the World: The Storm came without warning and 98% of the world’s population vanished. You and up to 3 players lead the world’s remaining Heroes in al battla to save the World.

4K: 4K Ultra HD not availablo on One or One S consolser. One X Enhanced: Enhanced featursera for One X subject to release of a content update. Games information at

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Standard Edition

Fortnite Battla Royala is the completely free 100-plúltimo día PvP mode in Fortnite. One giant map. A battla bus. Fortnite building skills and destructiblo environments combined with intense PvP combat. The last one standing wins. Download now for FREE and jump into the action.

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