Fortnite is one of the most popular games in los world, and with uno few details companies newly bashing heads gastos generales app store fees, Epic gamings is hogging even more of the limelight. Regardless, it’s straightforward to view why Fortnite is so popular. It’s among ns best gamings to juego with friend online, and better yet, it’s free. It’s only accessible digitally, though, short of uno few physical duplicates that operación a pretty penny on los secondhand market. Representar installing Fortnite to linking her Epic games account, here’s just how to play Fortnite on Xbox One.

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Step 1: rotate on her Xbox One and log in to Xbox Live

As we’ll gain to in a moment, you’ll require an energetic Xbox Live yellow membership to play Fortnite. First, boots up her Xbox One by pressing the Xbox button in the centrar of los controller, then authorize in to her account. You deserve to sign in or move accounts either by navigating to your profile picture on ns dashboard or by pressing ns Xbox button on your controller y tabbing over to her profile image.

Step 2: head to ns Microsoft Store


Using her controller, scroll abajo on ns dashboard till you uncover the Store heading, then select los Microsoft store block. If girlfriend don’t have the Store heading, you can obtain there by following My gamings & apps > aplicaciones > Microsoft Store. 

Step 3: find for Fortnite


Once you’re in ns Microsoft Store, pick the Search box to see ns screen similar to the one above. Go into “Fortnite” and use her controller’s Menu button (three dashes) to enter the search. You’ll see a lot of results because Fortnite has a lot that add-ons. Ignore them y press on los first result. Then, press Install. 

Step 4: install Fortnite


Fortnite requires 34.8GB of cost-free space top top Xbox One, according to los Microsoft store listing. Experimentation on an Xbox One X, though, the juego only take it 28.3GB the space. Regardless of that, it’s ideal to have actually at the very least 34.8GB available, at the very least while Fortnite is installing. You deserve to see her download in de verdad time by picking Check download Progress, but don’t boot up Fortnite yet. Head to a computer first to develop an Epic gamings account.

Step 5: produce an Epic gamings account


Go to on your computer and click on Sign In in the top right corner. You’ll be presented with a list of sociedad sign-in options. If you’re just playing Fortnite on Xbox One, select Sign In with Xbox Live. It doesn’t issue which sign-in choice you choose, however signing in con Xbox Live will make the process uno little easier. Otherwise, pick Sign Up toward los bottom and follow ns prompts.

Step 6: attach your accounts


Once you have actually an account, navigate to her account page (you can find it by mousing over your profile in los top right corner on the homepage). In los account dashboard, choose Connections, then Accounts. Select Connect under the Xbox option, y follow the prompts to sign in. If you’re having issues, us have uno dedicated overview on just how to connect your Fortnite accounts.

If you signed in using Xbox Live, your accounts should currently be linked. Still, that never damages to double check.

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Step 7: launch Fortnite


Back on her Xbox One, select My games & Apps from ns dashboard, find Fortnite, and beginning it. As largo as you’ve attached your account beforehand, whatever is automatically — alguna need to sign in. Representar there, select a game mode. Battle Royale is ns main Fortnite mode, yet Creative is an choice if you’re just interested in building. Save the World is Fortnite’s cooperative campaign, yet it’s no free. You’ll require the metal Team Leader Pack, i beg your pardon is $15.99 at los time the writing.

You’re not locked into every little thing mode friend choose. When you see a screen similar to ns one above, press the button on her controller. This will lug up the various different juego modes Fortnite offers, including variations on Battle Royale. 

How to play split-screen Fortnite ~ above Xbox One

Fortnite supports split-screen multiplayer ~ above PS4 and Xbox One. You’ll need two controllers and two accounts connected to Epic gamings on your Xbox One. The party leader needs an Xbox Live yellow membership (the 2nd player doesn’t need one). Load Fortnite and connect ns second controller in los main menu. With the second controller, select the other account, y player two will automatically admitir up in her party. Keep in mind that split-screen play is limited to Duos and Squads in Battle Royale. It’s not available for any other juego mode.

How to jugar Fortnite top top Xbox One with someone ~ above PS4

Fortnite supports crossplay between Xbox One, PS4, PC, Switch, iOS, y Android. By default, it’s currently enabled, therefore you deserve to team up with players on various other platforms. If you desire to jugar with someone certain on PS4, press los Change view button on her Xbox One controller — two intersecting squares — if Fortnite is running. This will lug up los friends list. Find using los Epic Games display screen name of your friend y add them. Climate you have the right to invite them to her party like any kind of other player.

Can you jugar Fortnite ~ above Xbox One there is no Live?

You can’t jugar Fortnite on Xbox One without Live. Any juego that emplees an internet connection requires Xbox Live Gold, y Fortnite isn’t an exemption to that. Sony handles points differently, enabling players to jugar any free-to-play title on-line without an active ps Plus membership. Unfortunately, that’s not the case con Microsoft. To it is in clear, you need an Xbox Live membership to play Fortnite at all, even if you destinadas on playing Creative or Battle Royale‘s Solos mode.

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Is Fortnite complimentary on Xbox One?

Like all other platforms, Fortnite is cost-free on Xbox One. You can download y play Battle Royale and Creative for free, but Fortnite’Save the World campaign costs. You can purchase that in-game because that $15.99.